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PrestaShop QuickBooks Connector - This module helps admin to synchronize QuickBooks with their Prestashop store. Using the Prestashop QuickBooks Connector you will be able to create sales receipts invoice, and estimate of your store orders on the QuickBooks – Manually and Automatically. All the information related to the customer (such as customer name, email address, items ordered, billing address, etc ), Products, and orders is synchronized with your QuickBooks account.

Note: The module is only compatible with QuickBooks Online (web-end).

PrestaShop QuickBooks Connector -

General :

  • Generate sales receipts ,invoice, and estimate on QuickBooks for Prestashop orders.
  • Synchronize the Prestashop products to QuickBooks or vice-versa.
  • Synchronize customers on QuickBooks and Prestashop.
  • Synchronize taxes and payment methods on QuickBooks and Prestashop.
  • Synchronize QuickBooks Orders to Prestashop.
  • Admin can use the module for any QuickBooks company by selecting the country of their QuickBook company shop.
  • Admin has to provide API keys to their QuickBooks company.
  • Admin can select the default shipping method for imported products on Prestashop.
  • Admin can map product categories and also can set the default product category for the product from QuickBooks with no category.

Import :

  • Admin can import and export products, customers, and orders(sales receipt ,invoice, and estimate) from QuickBooks on Prestashop.
  • Admin can import particular products from QuickBooks or import/update all the QuickBooks products.
  • Admin can import particular customers, new customers, or import/update all customers from QuickBooks.
  • Admin can import only active products and customers from QuickBooks on Prestashop.
  • During import order, if sales receipt have a discount then a default voucher(cart rule) will create with the name "QuickBooks SalesReceipt" (if not created) and will be applied. If cart rule is already created then it will update according to the current order configuration and will be applied on this order.
  • Admin can import all orders to Prestashop or can import products to Prestashop using sales receipt number on QuickBooks.
  • Admin can set the default payment method, shipping method and order status while importing products from QuickBooks to prestashop.

Export :

  • Admin can export products, customers and orders on prestashop to QuickBooks.
  • Admin can export particular or all products and customers to QuickBooks.
  • Admin can also inactive a single or multiple products and customers on Quickbooks.
  • Admin can export order from prestashop to QuickBooks by selecting order status and date.
  • While export to QuickBooks separate product will be created at the QuickBooks end for the Combination product on prestshop.
  • QuickBooks can hold up to two addresses for a customer at its end.
  • While export to QuickBooks product with base price is created at QuickBooks.
  • If no category for an exported product is mapped then it will be created at QuickBooks end with no category.
  • Admin can enable automatic export of customer to QuickBooks on its creation on prestashop.
  • Admin can select the default payment method and deposit account for product to be exported to QuickBooks.
  • Automatically export products on QuickBooks when created on Prestashop.

Update :

  • Admin can update the exported and imported products on QuickBooks all together.
  • Admin can enable the updation of sparse fields(changed fields) for a product and customer.
  • Admin can update the exported and imported products on QuickBooks all together.
  • Admin can enable auto update of customer under "sync customer settings".
  • Admin can also enable update of customer's address during updates of customers on QuickBooks.

Orders :

  • Admin can import orders using sales receipt number or all orders at once from QuickBooks to Prestashop.
  • Admin can export orders to QuickBooks from Prestashop by selecting particular order statuses or all the status along with the dates.
  • Admin can also export selected orders to QuickBooks or all orders on a single click to QuickBooks.
  • Admin can select the default Deposit account for exported orders to QuickBooks.
  • Admin can also select the default QuickBook payment method for exported orders.
  • Automatically export orders on QuickBooks when created on Prestashop.
  • Admin can choose to add Prestashop order invoice on QuickBooks during order export from Prestashop.
  • Map Prestashop order status with QuickBooks sell type.

Admin configuration

After the successful installation of the module, the admin will have to configure the module.

  • Select the mode of the configuration that is "Development" or "Production" in which he/she has to build the application.
  • Enter the Client id and Client secret, if you are using the application in sandbox mode then use Development keys, if using the application in Live mode then use Production keys.
  • Scope for the company is by default “accounting” and cannot be changed.

Synchronize the Prestashop category to the QuickBooks category

  • Go to QuickBooks Connector -> Sync products and category-> Sync category.
  • Admin can sync or map categories from Prestashop store to QuickBooks and vice-versa under the “Sync Category” tab.
  • Decide on which category on Prestashop to be mapped with which particular category on QuickBooks.

Note: For our module, there is one to one mapping of categories on Prestashop and QuickBooks.

  • While importing a product from QuickBooks if that product does not fall under any category then the default Prestashop category will be assigned to that product, if the configuration is set else the product will not be imported.

Synchronize the Prestashop Products to QuickBooks

  • Go to QuickBooks Connector -> Sync products and category-> Sync product.
  • Sync or map products from Prestashop store to QuickBooks and vice-versa under the “Sync product” tab.

Note: Before mapping the products save the “Sync Product Setting” configuration.

  • Before mapping products, product categories should be mapped.
  • The product will be created in the default currency of the dependent platform with the same price.
  • Admin can export and update products from Prestashop to QuickBooks.
  • Admin can import and update products from QuickBooks to Prestashop.
  • Admin can inactive products on QuickBooks or export inactive products under export products.

Synchronize the Prestashop Customers to QuickBooks

  • Sync customer on Prestashop and Quickbook from sync customer tab.
  • Sync Customer -> Go to QuickBooks Connector -> Sync customer.
  • sync or map customers from Prestashop store to QuickBooks and vice-versa under the “Sync customer” tab.

Note: Before mapping, the products save the “Customer Sync” configuration.

  • Import and export customers on Prestashop and QuickBooks.
  • Update customers on QuickBooks.
  • Import new customers from QuickBooks to Prestashop.

Synchronize the Prestashop taxes to QuickBooks

  • Syn taxes to be applied on products from Prestashop and QuickBooks while import and export.

Note: Before mapping the taxes save the tax settings in the “Sync Order Setting” configuration. It is necessary for order sync.

  • During order export from Prestashop to Quickbooks if “Create tax rule on QuickBooks” is enabled then tax rule will create on QuickBooks during order export else if disabled and no such tax rule exists on QuickBooks, then the order will not be created on QuickBooks.

Synchronize the Prestashop Payment methods to QuickBooks

  • Sync / map payment methods on prestashop and QuickBooks.
  • Select the default payment method on prestashop for the products imported from QuickBooks.
  • Select default payment method on QuickBooks for products exported from prestashop.

Note:Payment method mapping is necessary for order sync.

Synchronize the Prestashop Orders to QuickBooks

  • Syn orders on Prestashop and QuickBooks using Prestashop Quickbooks connector.
  • Export Prestashop orders on QuickBooks.
  • Import QuickBooks orders(sales receipt) on Prestashop.

Prestashop QuickBooks Connector Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

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based on 3 reviews
Posted On - June 30, 2023
Webkul's PrestaShop Connector: Excellence in Function and Support
I'm thoroughly impressed with the "PrestaShop QuickBooks Connector" module by Webkul. Not only does it function seamlessly, but the customer support is also outstanding. Every problem we faced was swiftly and competently addressed. The team's rapid response times deserve special mention. I wholeheartedly give this product a five-star rating. Excellent work, Webkul!
Posted On - May 12, 2020
Very effective product and outstanding support.
Webkul is right behind you when it comes to installing and configuring the module. Great job!
Posted On - April 6, 2020
Excellent Service
The team at Webkul went above and beyond my needs. They had much patience. They also can meet customized requirements. Thank you so much
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