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OroCommerce eBay Integration: Connect your OroCommerce store with eBay marketplace and synchronize products, categories, and orders. The module allows you to do mapping of eBay categories and products from OroCommerce. All the product attributes are also imported from eBay to OroCommerce.


  • Import products from eBay to OroCommerce 
  • Import categories from eBay to OroCommerce 
  • Import orders from eBay to OroCommerce 
  • Mapping of eBay categories from OroCommerce 
  • Mapping of eBay products from OroCommerce 
  • Import product attributes from eBay to OroCommerce 

 Admin configuration

OroCommerce eBay integration provides an end to end integration between OroCommerce and eBay. After the successful installation and configuration of the module, the admin will be able to integrate following eBay information at OroCommerce and can import the products.

  • Import Products from eBay
  • Import Categories from eBay
  • Import Orders from eBay

 Categories import and mapping

Under the "Category" section, the admin can find all the imported categories and can map with the existing OroCommerce category as well. After mapping the categories, condition and specification will be created as Attributes in OroCommerce.

  • Admin can import eBay categories to Orocommerce.
  • Admin can map eBay product category to OroCommerce category.
  • After category mapping, condition and specification will be created as normal product attributes.

 Import Products from eBay

Under the "Product" section, the admin will find all the imported products. First, the admin will get the eBay products information and then create the imported products entries in OroCommerce.

The admin can view the number of synchronized products under product statuses. After product mapping, eBay Condition and Specification will be created as Product attributes.

  • Import products from eBay
  • View eBay product ID
  • Delete imported products
  • Update the imported products
  • Import all the basic attributes of products - name, price, image, description, stock, etc

 Import Orders from eBay

Note: Before synchronizing orders from eBay to OroCommerce, make sure that all products are synchronized from the eBay store to OroCommerce. Imported orders can be managed from eBay seller panel only.

Under the "Orders", the admin can import the order from the eBay Store to the OroCommerce. After importing order, the admin will have all the eBay order id and their respective OroCommerce order id along with the "date" on which order was created.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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