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Quick Order for Magento 2: Quick Order allows the B2B buyers to quickly purchase different products in bulk quantity without visiting every product page or catalog page. The wholesale buyers and the normal customers both can effectively use the Quick Order extension if they want to make a bulk purchase.

Magento 2 Quick Order module will reduce the number of clicks and reduces the purchase time for the buyers. From a quick order form, a buyer can search and add a product using its SKU or product name. The buyer can add new rows to add products, on quick order page update the product quantity, add products to cart on one click.

 Highlighted Features

 Single Click Fast Checkout

Place order in just a few clicks.

 Bulk Order Summary

Along with products, display all the basic details of the order.

 Support Customer Types

Registered and Guest users both can create quick orders.

 Support Product Types

Simple, virtual, downloadable, configurable, bundled, and grouped product types.

 Add Products

Add Products using name and SKU.

 Product Limit

Can add multiple products.

 Select From Custom Option

The customer can also select the custom options for the products

 Mass Product Upload

The CSV file can be uploaded to add bulk products to the cart.

 Bulk Order Fast Checkout

  • For easy navigation, the Quick Order link is available in the header and footer section.
  • The customer can add multiple products in a single quick order.
  • The customer can add more products with the help of the Add Row button available.
  • The customer can add all types of products on a single quick order page.
  • The customer can search the product with the help of Product Name or SKU.
  • Type the name of the product or SKU and a list with the results populates.
  • The customer can add the name, quantity, and options of the products.
  • Option to remove the product from the quick order page.
  • Products automatically get added to the cart once the products added to the quick order.
  • Also, products get added to the quick order if the products are directly added from the store catalog.
  • Logged-In customers and guest users both can create quick orders.

 View Tax, Shipping & Other Information

  • The quick order has two sections, one for products and the other is for the summary section.
  • The product section is to display the added products while the summary section is to display the additional information.
  • The customer is able to see tax, shipping price, discount, order total, tier pricing, etc. on the quick order page.
  • Display estimated shipping on the quick order page.
  • Tax automatically calculated on the quick order page.
  • The customer can choose a shipping method on the quick order page.
  • The customer can see the applied discount on the quick order page.
  • The customer can update the quantity of the product on the quick order page.
  • Display subtotal value and total order value on the quick order page.
  • Tier pricing or the special price will be applicable to the quick order page.

 Supports All Custom Options Types

  • A custom option is the best way to represent the product variants.
  • This allows the customers to select their desired variant of the product on the quick order.
  • Using the custom options, the customer can set and customize the product.
  • The quick order page supports all input types of custom options.
  • A pop-up window gets displayed to select the product options.
  • Support Radio type custom option.
  • Support Drop-down type custom option.
  • Support Text area type custom option.
  • Support checkbox type custom option.

 Supports All Product Types

For adding the products, a pop-up window gets displayed to select the required options for the desired product. The module eliminates the need for creating a separate quick order for each product.

The customer can easily add an unlimited number of products on a single quick order page. The quick order supports all type of product like -

  • Simple Product – can add simple products and simple products with custom options.
  • Virtual Product - can add virtual products.
  • Downloadable Product - can add a downloadable product by selecting the link.
  • Configurable Product – can add a configurable product by selecting the desired attributes.
  • Bundle Product - can add bundle products by selecting the bundle options.
  • Grouped Product - can add a grouped product by defining the quantity of grouped products.

Note: The respective changes will reflect in the quick order if any changes made in the quantity from the cart and vice versa.

 Complete Features List

  • Allow customers to purchase products from a single page.
  • Ajax-based search for adding products to the cart.
  • Customers can search for products using SKU or Name.
  • Update product quantity on the quick order page.
  • Add multiple different products to quick order.
  • Select variable product options such as – color, size.
  • Estimate shipping and tax from the quick order page. 
  • Check discount deducted, tier price, tax calculated, sub-total, and order total value.
  • Guest users also place a quick order.
  • The quick order supports all types of custom options.
  • Supports all product types – simple, virtual, configurable, downloadable, bundle, and grouped product.
  • The customers can add products to the cart in bulk by uploading the CSV file.

 Support -

For any issue related to this module, please create a support ticket here at - https://webkul.uvdesk.com/en/customer/create-ticket/ or send an email to support@webkul.com

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