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Magento 2 Hybrid Mobile App: Convert your e-commerce store into a hybrid mobile app and deliver a combination of both native app and web app experience to your customers. Magento 2 Hybrid Mobile App uses your existing website theme and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store easily. *All the Magento storefront features and functionalities are available in the hybrid mobile app.

Please Note:

  • Your existing Magento 2 website must be using a responsive theme
  • *All the Magento 2 Hybrid Mobile App features and elements will vary and depend on the website theme
  • Post creation of APK/IPA, Webkul doesn't take responsibility for app publishing. However, you can follow two ways to resolve this issue.
  • You can join the Apple Developer Enterprise Program and provide app download links on your website. Or,
  • Buy Webkul Native Mobile App for Magento 2, wherein you have to pay the difference amount of the app.
  • For more information about the native v/s hybrid mobile app, please visit.

 Highlighted Features

 Published Apps

The Android and iOS mobile apps will be published on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

 Supports Major Payment Gateways

All major payment gateways available will work on the hybrid app. Note- If a payment gateway re-directs to any external payment gateway then it'll be a paid service.

 Supports All Shipping Methods

Works with both offline and online shipping methods and show real-time API freight rates.

 Faster App Development

Easiest and fastest way to convert your Magento e-commerce store into an app.

 Multilingual Compatible

Support multiple languages and translations including Arabic RTL.

 Multiple Add-ons Available

Add more features using Notifications, etc.

 Match Website Theme

No separate theme or template is required for the mobile app. 

 Open Source Code

Customize and make changes to the app as per your requirements.

  App Publishing

Once the mobile apps are developed, you can make them available to your customers by publishing them on the official app marketplaces.

You have two options to publish. You can either publish the mobile apps from your *own Google Play Store and Apple iTunes Store accounts or choose Webkul account.

*Please select Publishing Information option asPublish Through Self Google Play / iTunes Store Account +$50.00

  • The mobile app will be published on the official app store of Android OS - Google Play
  • The mobile app will be published on the official Apple iOS App Store
  • Customers can search, browse, download, and update the apps anytime
  • Release apps on your own website, other third-party websites or send app file download link to customers

 Splash/Launch Screen

When a user clicks the app icon for launching the app, welcome screen/splash screen/launch screen is shown for a certain time. You can customize this feature for displaying your branding icon on the app while it starts.

  • Useful for branding and marketing purposes
  • Show welcome screen until app loads
  • Design/customize splash/launch screen
  • Works for both - Android/iOS devices

 Menu Drawer

The menu drawer is a UI panel that shows* your app's main navigation menu. It is hidden when not in use, but appears when the user touches the drawer icon.

Please note - The Menu Drawer feature will be dependent and may vary as per the website theme you are using.

  • Categories and sub-categories navigation
  • Sign In and registration links My Account section
  • Quick navigation to the e-commerce website
  • Menu drawer UI will be adapted according to the webstore theme
  • Auto-hide, when not in use
  • Available for both Android and iOS devices

Quick Sign-In & Registration

For completing the shopping process, the customer can sign-in to the Magento store from the hybrid mobile app. Further, new customer account registration can be done via. app.

  • Faster login to Magento store from the app
  • Create a new customer account Request new password
  • Social login integration available (Paid Service+)

 My Account Dashboard

The customer’s account dashboard gives them the ability to reorder, track orders, manage shipping addresses and store activities. My Account Dashboard features various options to a customer to manage the Magento store account:

  • My Orders - list of orders placed, detailed order information, re-order link
  • My Downloadable Products - list of downloadable products purchased with a link
  • My Wish List - manage products added to the wishlist
  • Address Book - set and update default billing and shipping addresses
  • Account Information - update customer account details, change the password
  • Stored Payment Methods - manage stored credit card information faster checkout
  • Billing Agreements - view list of any billing agreements for customers
  • My Product Reviews - view list of reviews submitted by the customer
  • Newsletter Subscriptions - view list of available subscriptions and currently subscribed

 Shopping Options/Advanced Layered Navigation

Layered navigation makes it easy to find products based on category, price range, or any other available attribute. Layered navigation usually appears in the left column of search results and category pages and sometimes on the home page. 

  • Filter products based on price
  • Filter products based on product attributes like - color, style, material, etc.
  • Color swatches supported
  • Faster navigation
Please Note - Shopping Options/Advanced Layered Navigation may vary as per the website theme support.

 Detailed Product Information

Product pages are the most important section for the customers. Here all the necessary details about the product are visible with high-resolution images and thumbnail gallery.

  • Pricing information
  • Stock availability
  • Detailed product description
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Custom options

In Magento 2 Hybrid Mobile App, all the types of product listings are supported i.e. simple, configurable, downloadable, virtual, bundle, and grouped.

 Add to Wishlist

A wishlist is a list of products that a registered customer can share with friends, or save to transfer to the cart at a later date. When wish lists are enabled, the Add to Wishlist link appears on the category and product pages of each product in the store. (Depending on the theme, it might be a text link or a graphic image.)

  • Add multiple items to a wishlist
  • Update wishlist products
  • Share wishlist products with friends via. emails
  • Add all items to cart

 Shopping Cart

After adding multiple products to cart, the customer can check the complete order details before proceeding to the checkout process. A customer can do multiple things from the shopping cart section as follows:

  • Change the Quantity
  • Estimate Shipping & Tax
  • Go to Checkout
  • Edit Line Item
  • Update the Cart
  • Checkout with Multiple Addresses
  • Use a Coupon

 Basic/Carrier Shipping Methods

Magento 2 Hybrid Mobile App supports multiple types of shipping methods - both online and offline. All the existing shipping methods on your Magento webstore will also be available on the mobile app. No separate integration is required. 

  • Supports basic built-in shipping methods - flat rate, table rate, free shipping, etc
  • Fetch real-time shipping rates from online shipping carriers such as - FedEx, DHL, UPS, USPS, etc
  • No separate integration is required for the mobile app. If it works on webstore, it will also work on the mobile app

 Online/Offline Payment Gateways

Magento 2 Hybrid Mobile App supports varieties of payment methods – both offline (eg. cash on delivery, check, bank transfer) and online gateways (PayPal, Stripe, PayTabs, PayU, etc.)

Note – All the payment methods that are available on the Magento web store will be visible on the mobile app as well. However, some Paid Customization+ work maybe needed for some payment gateways.

  • Offline Payments such as a check, money order, bank transfer and cash on delivery (COD) and other types of basic payment methods are supported
  • Multiple Online Payment Gateways for accepting credit cards, debit cards, net banking, and many other third-party solutions are supported

Magento 2 Hybrid Mobile App is designed to support PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) Compliance to accept, process, and transmit cardholder’s data in a secure environment.

 Product Review

From the mobile app, the customers can share their shopping experience and comment about the product purchased by submitting a review. Ratings on a scale of five stars, summary, and product review become visible after the admin moderation.

  • Submit ratings for a product
  • Reviews become visible after admin approval
  • Guest user reviews are supported as per the Magento Admin Panel Configuration
  • A customer can check all the reviews submitted 

 Complete Features List

  • Easiest and the fastest way to make an app for your e-commerce store
  • Existing website theme is integrated into the mobile app
  • All the payment gateways and shipping methods are available. However, if the payment gateway re-directs to any external payment gateway then it is a Paid Service+.
  • Apps can be published on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store
  • Push notifications are supported (Add-on+)
  • Magento storefront customizations & features are also available in the app
  • Supports various mobile devices and tablets
  • Real-time synchronization with the web store - products, categories, orders, customers, etc.
  • Multi-lingual compatible including Arabic RTL 
  • Mobile app source code is available (Purchased Separately+)
  • Magento 2 Hybrid Mobile App is fully customizable as per your requirements 

+All Add-ons come as paid customization work. It is not a part default Magento 2 Hybrid Mobile App.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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Cristiano Longo
www.shopsempre.com.br/supermercadolongo/ (BR)
Posted On - May 12, 2020
The webkul team always give me the best…
The webkul team always give me the best solution for my request and demand. They are a great company.

hayakm.com/ (QA)
Posted On - May 4, 2020
Excellent in their experties.
Working with Webkul since 5 years. I used their many customized modules amd mobile applications.
They are excellent in their field. Customer service is very cooperative as well as developers.
I highly recommend Webkul for full or partial projects.

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