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Amazon Affiliate for Magento 2: Now, the Magento 2 store owners will be able to fetch the Amazon Affiliate products within their store using their Amazon Affiliate account. After that, they can quickly start selling the Amazon products. The admin can accordingly set the category as required for the products.

On the other hand, the customers will be able to see the fetched Amazon products with an Amazon Label. Now, they can add these Amazon products to the available Amazon cart. After clicking the checkout button, the customers will get redirected to the Amazon website for completing the purchase.

 Highlighted Features

 Easy Product Listing

The admin will be able to choose and create products from Amazon Affiliate. After fetching a product and running the profiler, it gets listed within your website very quickly.

 Multiple Category Assignment

After importing the products, the admin can assign the products to single or multiple categories as required by navigating to the edit page of that particular product.

 Amazon Cart Checkout

For the customers, the Affiliate products are auto added to the Amazon cart after a customer clicks to add them to the shopping cart.

 Checkout with Affiliate Products

Customers can checkout with the Magento 2 affiliate products after which they get redirected to the Amazon website for making the purchase.

What is Amazon Affiliate?

Amazon Associates is one of the first online affiliate marketing programs of Amazon. When website owners who are associates create links or products within their web store and customers click on them and then buy the products from Amazon, the associates earn a referral fee.

Provide customers with the convenience of referring them to a trusted site where they can immediately purchase the products you advertise. And when they do, you can earn your commission.

(Image Source - © 1996-2018, Amazon.com, Inc).

Module Configuration

The admin needs to configure the module before using it. To configure, the admin has to navigate to the extension settings in the admin back-end panel. Here the admin has to -

  • Enter the Associate Tag which is actually your Affiliate Store ID.
  • Enter the Access Key generated under the Amazon Affiliate account.
  • Enter the Secret Key generated under the Amazon Affiliate account.
  • Select the Marketplace from where you want to fetch the products.
  • Select the default attribute for assigning to imported affiliate products.
  • Select different websites where you want to Display products.

Importing Products

Importing the products is very easy. After configuring the module settings, the admin can work on importing the products from the selected Amazon Marketplace.

The admin can also assign a product to multiple categories within the Magento 2 store. To do so, the admin will -

  • Search the product name in the search box provided.
  • Select the products to import.
  • Fetch products within the Magento store from Amazon.
  • Run the profiler to create the products.

Amazon Cart/Checkout

After selecting the Amazon product, customers can add it directly to the available Amazon cart. There's no need to purchase it out from the Magento 2 store itself.

Instead, the Amazon cart feature allows the customer to add an Amazon product directly into the Amazon cart for making a quick checkout.

  • Product gets added to the Available Amazon Cart for checkout.
  • Checkout redirects the customer to the Amazon website.
  • Payment and shipping is taken care of by Amazon itself.

Benefits of Amazon Affiliate

The main benefit of Amazon Affiliate extension is that it allows the store owners to fetch the products from Amazon Affiliate directly and then list them out within their Magento 2 store for sales.

Moreover, the sales of the Amazon products provide the store owner with the opportunity to expand the offerings and receive the commission on product advertisements when the products get purchased at Amazon.

  • Store owner does not have to bother about the payment and checkout process.
  • Receive commission for the products that redirect the customer to Amazon website for product purchase.
  • Offer more products to the customer.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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