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Social Feed for WooCommerce: Now the store owner can increase their product sales to a higher gradient. With the help of Instagram Shop Feed For Woocommerce plugin, the product can be easily marketized as now customer can see images related to the product as getting circulated in social media, that is, Instagram. The admin can create different types of hashtags and assign them products.

The plugin will increase the customer engagement and reduce the bounce rate of the website. As now the customer can see the product getting buzzed on Instagram without the requirement any extra click and search.

We also have Wordpress Facebook Wall Feeds that can help you to look for the profile/page feeds in your WordPress site.

You can get your website converted into an app with Mobile App Builder for WooCommerce and get the feature of this module integrated via customization (paid service) into the app for much effective marketing of the product.

Highlighted Features

 Organic Selling Of Products

This refers to the selling of products which the customer can also view in real life. With image display of the products, this motive is achieved easily.

 Better Highlighting Of Products

The tags attached to the products make them more prominent and eye-catching for the customers.

 Visibility Of Hashtags

The admin can easily select among Product page, shop page and a dedicated page(Instagram feed page), as to where the tags will be made visible.

 Receive Customer Feedback

The store owner can receive the response on the sold product via the post shared on Instagram.

Creation Of Hashtags

The admin can create tags that can be assigned to the products and will be visible on pages as stated in the configurations. The admin can even attach the images related to the tags.

this will allow the customer to know about the product in a better way. The images here will be similar to the one associated globally to the tag.

  • The customer can have better knowledge of the product.
  • Can enhance the engagement of the customer with the website.
  • Better product showcase with Instagram image gallery.
  • The admin can even edit/ delete the Hashtag as Per Requirement.

Visibility Management Of Instagram Feeds

The visibility of the hashtag for the Instagram Feed can be managed by the admin. The admin can select among Product page, shop page and a dedicated page(Instagram feed page) where the tags will be visible.

This will allow better marketing of the product as the tags are visible on multiple pages.

  • Make the Product Much Prominent.
  • Admin can set the status as enable and disable a tag as per requirement.
  • The hashtag can be given a priority as they will appear on the frontend.

Frontend View Of Hashtag

The hashtag will be visible as set by the admin in the configurations. The customer can view the hashtags on three different pages-

  • Product page - The customer can see a set of images along with the tags on the product page. This will allow the customer to easily connect with the product.
  • Shop Page - In shop page(or collection page) the customer can view multiple tags. They can click on the tags to view the products and their corresponding images. The tags here can be in list view or carousel form.
  • Dedicated Page - We have a dedicated page for Instagram Feeds, where the customer can see a list of hashtags. This will save the customers time and could be more eye-catching for customers.

Use Case

Today with the growth in globalization social media has grasped a major role in influencing people’s purchasing patterns. The Instagram Shop Feed For Woocommerce plugin can help the store owner to increase sales of the store.

With this module enabled on your website, the customer need not look at posted images related to the product in the whole Instagram.

  • Make the website advanced as per today’s need.
  • Better Branding of Products with better marketing.
  • Keep the customer informed about Global Trends.


For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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based on 1 reviews
Åsa Johansson
Posted On - October 27, 2023
Good Support and Service
Bought the Social Feed plugin, exactly what I was looking for and the customer support is great and quick!
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