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Social Chat for WooCommerce: A business will only grow if its customers are happy and satisfied with the services it offers. Therefore it is quite essential for the site owner to develop healthy relations with the customers.

To achieve this, the site owner must strive to manage each customer, individually. Facebook Messenger Chat for WooCommerce makes it possible for the site’s admin to handle each customer, separately.

This way the site owner can provide better assistance to the customers. It becomes easier to reach out to multiple customers at a time.

Apart from an enhanced relationship with the customers, supervising your customers over messenger chat can be more optimized as almost everyone uses messenger nowadays, and reaching out to customers becomes easier.

Highlighted Features of Social chat for WooCommerce

 Live Chat using Messenger

The admin can have a live conversation with the customers through Facebook messenger.

 Visibility of Messenger Widget Icon

The admin may set the domain of the page where the messenger icon must display in the front end.

 Engage with customers

The site owner can provide faster responses and engage with the customers from time to time.

 Manage Clients Smoothly

It becomes easy for the site owner to handle multiple clients directly through Facebook Messenger.

Why do we need Social Chat for WooCommerce?

We need social chat for WooCommerce because it helps enhance the overall shopping experience for customers and improves customer satisfaction. For example, if a customer has a query regarding a product, they can instantly chat with a representative through a social chat feature.

This allows for immediate assistance, creating a more interactive and efficient shopping experience. Also if you want to add a social wall feed to your website then you can go through Social Wall Feeds for WordPress.


Apart from the live chat feature, the messenger chat allows the admin of the store to provide better assistance to each customer.

This way it becomes easier for the site owner to manage users individually. Also, reaching out to a larger mass becomes feasible.

  • It makes the site owner manage each customer individually.
  • The maximum crowd uses Messenger, therefore, it is easy to reach out to customers.
  • Also, it enhances the cross-selling and upselling experience.
  • Easy to deliver marketing messages to customers over Messenger.
  • Easy to go into conversation with the customers or vice versa.

Linking Facebook Page with WooCommerce

It is essential to obtain the Page ID and the App ID from the Facebook page to configure the Facebook Messenger Chat for Woocommerce.

The admin will have to create a page on Facebook in order to receive the Page ID and retrieve the App ID from the Facebook developer's page.

  • The user can create a page for a business or brand.
  • Add a profile picture and a cover picture associated with the page.
  • Once the page is created, the Page ID can be retrieved with the image.
  • The App ID can be created and can be linked with the Page ID.
  • A domain of the page is configured under the White-listed domain.

Configuration Settings

Once the module is successfully installed and the Page ID and App ID is retrieved, the admin can set the configurations for the module in the admin panel.

Facebook Messenger has made it easier for the admin to reach out to a larger crowd and manage them individually.

  • The admin configures the Page ID and the App ID retrieved for the Facebook page.
  • On creating a page on Facebook, the Page ID is automatically generated.
  • To enhance the user experience, the admin can choose a color for the messenger chatbox.
  • The admin can set a message to greet the users as they log in to the messenger.
  • A message to log in to Messenger displays as the user logs out.

Live Conversation using Messenger

Facebook Messenger Chat for WooCommerce is completely a customer-centric module. It has made it easier for the admin to engage with the customers.

On the other hand, the customers can easily contact the admin without any hassle. There will not be any delay in the reverts as almost everyone uses the messenger chat application on their phones.

  • The customer will have to log in in order to start a conversation with the admin.
  • The messenger icon is visible in the front end on the right-hand bottom corner.
  • The image files can be sent using the messenger chatbox.
  • The doc files can also be shared through the Facebook messenger chatbox.
  • Will drive more customers to a site and generate some real revenue for a site.


For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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