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Odoo Customer Credit Limit :  Long term success in business involves vigilance about the spendings. It is imperative to check and minimize the unpaid dues from the customers.

What Odoo Credit limit module does is put a check in the customer’s previous due by assigning a credit limit. So now customer cannot have their previous dues above a fixed set amount. It keeps you updated you when the limit is crossed for any seller in Odoo.

What Does the Odoo Customer Credit limit can help you with?

  • Set desired credit limit to each customer.
  • Acts like an automatic checker for customers’ unpaid dues.
  • Strict the Odoo from placing an order if limit is exceeded.
  • It allows you to make sure the dues do not exceed unchecked for any customer
  • Control the expenses in your business.

If the total amount due exceeds the limit, the current sales quotation cannot be confirmed to sale order by the Odoo user. A Odoo user, other than the manager cannot confirm the quotation which exceeds the credit limit allocated to the customer.

Odoo Customer Credit Limit Features

A effective customer dues tracking system for your Odoo

  • The simple module puts a check on your customers dues in Odoo.
  • With minimal configuration you can track the unpaid dues from customers.
  • You do not need to manually check the open invoices of customers each time.

 Set Individual Odoo Credit Limit For Each Customer

  • An unique Odoo Customer credit limit can be set for each customer.
  • Choose different Odoo credit limits for different types of customers.
  • The credit limit is sum of all open invoices and unpaid orders of the customer in Odoo.
  • Once set, the customer’s unpaid dues cannot be greater than the credit limit.
  • If credit limit exceeds, new order cannot be placed for the customer in Odoo.

Displays Warning Message When A Customer Credit Limit Exceeds

  • If sum of current quotation and previous dues exceed credit limit, order cannot be confirmed.
  • The Odoo user will receive a warning popup message for the same.

 Warning PopUp Show Details Of customer’s All Previous Dues

  • The warning message shows the details of previous dues and their total amount.
  • The Odoo user can see each invoice or order number which are still due on the customer.
  • It also shows the amount of each unpaid, open invoice and order.

Admin Control On Approval Of Order Exceeding The Credit Limit

  • Admin/manager approval is Mandatory to confirm such orders.
  • Gives admin control on confirmation of orders exceeding customer credit limit.
  • The user can send an approval request mail to his Manager or admin from Odoo.
  • Once the manager approves the order, the confirmation mail is sent to the Odoo user.
  • The user can then confirm the sales order of the respective customer..

 Records The Admin and Odoo User Activity In Chatter

  • The manager and Odoo user activity is recorded in the Odoo chatter.
  • The approval request mail is automatically attached to the chatter of the order.
  • Similarly, the confirmation mail is also added to the order’s chatter.

Detailed Warning Popups When Credit Limit exceeds

The module shows warning popups if any or all the following situations lead to exceeding of Odoo customer’s credit limit.

  • When there are previous unpaid or non-invoiced orders.
  • If there are any open and unpaid invoices.

Dedicated Support For Odoo Customer Credit Limit Module

Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for your Odoo Customer Credit Limit Module.

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