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Prestashop GIF Image Upload : The module adds an extra functionality of adding GIF images to product & logo of the store. GIF’s are user interactive & helps in enhancing the user experience of the customer. GIF also helps in displaying multiple facets of a product.

Prestashop GIF Image Upload Features -

  • Upload GIF image of store logo.
  • Upload GIF images of product.
  • Choose to show GIF image of product at category page.
  • Enable/Disable GIF for various product image types.
  • Choose to show GIF image of product at cart popup & cart page.

Why include GIF images?

Showcasing products in eCommerce websites using animated GIFs is extremely useful because you can display different colors, angles, or styles of products without occupying any extra space in your website.

GIF's are used widely these days because they can load quicker and still have good quality.

Benefits of adding GIF Image

  • Convey a lot of information to the customers very quickly and efficiently.
  • Looks professional.
  • Relatively small in size as compare to other file formats.
  • Grab customer attention quickly.

Homepage engagement

Pictures are something that enhance the look and feel of your business website. The very first page of your website on which the customer lands is your site hopmepage. Therefore,your homepage is an excellent place to incorporate GIFs to attract attention and make your site all the more engaging.

Having GIFs on landing pages can be an extraordinary method to charm your visitors and make your site look somewhat more enthusiastic.

Product Illustration

As much as video makes individuals buy more, it’s not always within budget to produce an HD video. Still, photographs of your product can just pass on an extremely one-dimensional point of view.

GIFs are a great way to counter the deficiencies. They are like a tiny video, and does not require much efforts to produce one.

It gives an inside and out feel of what the product looks like, unlike a picture would (Alternatively, you can now use 360-degree pictures too).

Product Functionality

Adding GIFs’ images of product isn't restricted to simply flaunting a nice looking product.

You can demonstrate what it does and how. This is particularly valid for products that have technical functioning.

Prestashop GIF Image Upload Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

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