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Opencart Multi-Vendor Wallet System: Opencart Multi-vendor wallet system allows the customer/seller to use their wallet account money to purchase any product and also this module allows the customer or seller to do the transfer of money from one customer wallet account to another.

This module is very useful in terms of the marketplace as in this module if any customer purchases the product of different sellers and pays through the wallet money then the money will get split up between the sellers as per their product rate.

Please Note -

  • This module is an add-on of the Marketplace Module. To use this module you must have installed Webkul Opencart Marketplace Module.
  • This module supports all templates and themes including the Journal theme.
  • Opencart Multi-Vendor Wallet System supports the Multi-Store feature of default Opencart.

Highlighted Features

 Wallet To Wallet Transaction

A money transaction between the wallet of the customer/seller is possible.

 Split seller payments

Different seller payment is possible as per there commission rate.

  E-mail Templates

Admin can make customized emails for various events related to the wallet.

 Alert Notification

Alert notification mail for low wallet balance can be set by admin for customers.

General Wallet Management By Admin

This module allows the admin to add the image to the wallet which will display in the cart and also admin can set the limits for the lower and higher transaction limits for the wallet. Admin can also do the following settings for the wallet.

  • Admin can set the minimum and maximum Recharge limit for the wallet.
  • The refund limit for the minimum and maximum amount can also be set from the admin end.
  • Admin can also set low balance notification.
  • Admin can select the allowed payment methods.
  • This module allows admin to set the payee approval required or not.
  • Admin can set the validation time for the OTP to send on mail for payee validation. 
  • Using this module admin can set the monthly minimum/maximum transaction limit for the customer/seller. 
  • You as admin can set the maximum transfer transaction limit in a month.

Customer to customer transaction

This module allows the customer/seller to transfer money to the payee and also the customer/seller can request the admin to add a payee to there payee list. The following are the features for the customer to customer transaction.

  • The customer/seller can view their payee list and the details of it.
  • The customer and seller can also add a new payee by raising a payee to add a request to admin.
  • Payee validation is required in this module.
  • The money transfer validation is required for transferring the money.

Frontend Wallet Management

In the front end, this module allows the customer/seller to add money to wallet, buy products with wallet money and many more options such as:

  • The customer can see the entire wallet amount in my wallet option.
  • The debit and credit history are also available in my wallet option. 
  • The customer/seller can also add their bank details to their wallet. 
  • The customer/seller can transfer money between their wallets.

Marketplace wallet management

This module allows admin to view the entire credit history, debit history for all customers/sellers and also the admin can manage the following.

  • The admin can manage the bank details of the seller/customer. 
  • The admin can also manage the wallet transfer. 
  • The admin can approve or disapprove the payee request by the seller/customer.
  • The admin can make a customized email template for any situation related to the wallet.

Alternate Payment Method

The customer can choose the option of using an alternate payment method along with the wallet money for placing the order if the wallet amount is less than the order amount.

  • If the wallet money of the customer/seller is not sufficient for the payment then the customer can use another payment method along with the wallet money.
  • The customer/seller can see the amount of wallet money which is used along with the alternate payment method in the bill also.
  • The admin/seller can also view the use of alternative payment methods along with wallet money in the order history of the customer.


  • The customers can add a payee in their account to transfer the amount to their wallets 
  • The admin can restrict the approval required for payees. 
  • The seller gets the split payments in his wallet when the order (seller product) is paid by the wallet. 
  • Separate email template for all emails.
  • A customer can transfer the amount to another customer.
  • Admin can deduct the wallet amount from the customer's wallet. 
  • Refund status automatically changes once the refund is done.
  • Customers/Sellers can add their account details to their wallets. 
  • Admin can transfer the wallet amount of a particular customer/seller to his/her bank account.


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