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Odoo Show Images in Excel - Sharing images which are encoded to Base 64 format is not feasible as it is very time-consuming. Moreover, it becomes difficult to find the difference in the identical products if they are encoded to Base64.

Also, it makes it difficult for customers to make a difference between the identical products which are encoded in Base64 format.

By default, if you export product data from Odoo to excel file then the product images are automatically encoded to Base 64 format. A non-technical person cannot understand Base 64 format which can be a waste of time. You may need to share your product data within your organization or outside it.

Odoo Show Images in Excel facilitates you to export images to excel or CSV which can help you to make the process easy. The module is designed to preserve and present the image in the original format so the image can be viewed in the file for better visual presentation to the viewers.


  • Exports the original image from Odoo to excel.
  • Directly view real-image of the product.
  • Easy to look the product data along with real-image for future purposes.
  • Images are placed column-wise along with product data to increase readability.
  • Easily share the product images with other individuals in the organisation.

 Odoo Show Images in Excel Features

Export original image in CSV Format in Odoo

  • Odoo Show Images in Excel exports the original image from Odoo to excel file instead of the Base64 code.
  • This module enables users to directly view the real image and prevents it from converting into the Base64 code.

 View the image preview of product image column wise in Excel

  • After installation, users can easily export the original image to the excel file and complete their tasks on time.
  • Once exported, the user can view the image preview of the product image present in the image column and can share it with their organization or outside it.

Showcase the images in original format

  • After the download process is finished, you can see the product images in their original format and not in the Base64 code format.
  • The user can view the image preview of the product image present in the image column and can share it with their organization or outside it.

 Select various available fields from the Odoo backend

  • Select various available fields that are needed to be exported i.e name, website, image, etc. by clicking on the + button.
  • Choose the format in which you want to download or export the product data i.e XLS or CSV format.
  • Click on the Export button. The Excel or CSV file will be downloaded and is ready to use.

Odoo Show Images in Excel -

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