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Prestashop Walmart Connector - Do you want to expand your reach on the popular Walmart marketplace? Then Prestashop Walmart Connector is exactly what you need. Prestashop Walmart Connector allows you to synchronize products from Prestashop to Walmart thus increasing the visibility of your products. You can also import all the orders from your Walmart store to the Prestashop store.

Prestashop Walmart Connector Features -

  • Admin can export all the Prestashop products with their combinations to Walmart at once or specific products with their combinations to Walmart.
  • Admin can update all the products and their combinations exported to Walmart or choose specific products to update on Walmart.
  • With auto update feature, exported products on Walmart gets updated automatically when products are updated on Prestashop.
  • Option to import all the orders from Walmart to Prestashop at once or specific orders by Walmart order ID.
  • With auto update feature, whenever imported orders are updated on Prestashop then order status and shipping gets updated on Walmart.
  • Map Prestashop product categories with Walmart categories.
  • Option to set default category so that if Prestashop product category is not mapped with any Walmart category then product will be exported with default category.
  • Map Prestashop product tax with Walmart tax.
  • Admin can set default tax so that if Prestashop product tax is not mapped with any Walmart tax then product will be exported with default tax rule.
  • Set default payment method and order status for orders imported from Walmart to Prestashop.
  • Admin can map Prestashop shipping methods with Walmart shipping methods.
  • Admin can view the number of times he has exported the products to Walmart or updated the products on Walmart under "Feeds" tab.

Expand Your Business Reach

Increase the visibility of products by integrating your Prestashop store with an ecommerce giant Walmart. With Prestashop Walmart Connector, you can export your products and their combinations to Walmart with ease. Getting your products listed on Walmart helps you in acquiring more customers which leads to increased sales.

Import Orders

The store admin can synchronize the orders from Walmart to Prestashop. Orders received on Walmart can be imported to Prestashop all together or admin can import specifc orders to prestashop by Walmart order id.

Automatic Update of Products and Orders

Exported products on Walmart and imported orders on Prestashop can be updated through cron job which means that the store owner does not have to update each product or order individually. So, exported product on Walmart gets automatically updated when the product gets updated on Prestashop. If imported orders are updated on Prestashop, then order status and shipping gets automatically updated on Walmart. Automatic update feature leads to improved catalog management and saves seller's time.

Map Categories, Product Parameters, and Shipping Profiles

With Walmart Connector, the store admin can map Prestashop product categories, product attributes, and tax rules with Walmart categories, attributes, and tax in a few clicks. Prestashop shipping carriers can also be mapped with Walmart shipping carriers.

Prestashop Walmart Connector Support-

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

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