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BigCommerce Order Fetch - UVdesk Open Source- By using this module, you can validate related order information such as order information, shipping information and payment information on support tickets provided by the customer directly from your Bigcommerce webstore. This module is helpful for those who want to extend the capability of the community helpdesk system either using this system as a merchant or developer.

Note:-BigCommerce Order Fetch - UVdesk Open Source module is only supported by UVDesk version 1.0 or greater. To use this module first, you must have to install UVdesk Open Source Helpdesk.

Highlighted Features

Manage Tickets Seamlessly with Order Information

Centralize all your customer queries and live order details at one place helps to manage tickets more efficiently.

Minimize Support Agent Workload

Support staff or owners can save time by distinguishing inquiry between fraud or genuine.

One Dashboard, Numerous eCommerce Integration

Add multiple eCommerce Channels with UVdesk and validate the details of the order number coming from your eCommerce Channel.

Quick and Instant Resolution on Support Ticket

Admin or support agent can provide the instant solution on the ticket by validating order id.

Highly Secure and Flexible

It's built on Symfony and opensource tech stack which is already secured and customizable.

Integration With BigCommerce

This module provides the bridge between UVdesk and BigCommerce webstore.

Set Up Module Configuration

Order Fetch is easy to set up and use. After the successful installation of this module super admin can easily configure UVdesk Open Source Helpdesk with the BigCommerce webstore in no time. Just a few steps and you are good to go with your BigCommerce order fetch module. Account owner needs below details to configure this module:

  • Channel Name for recognization
  • API path
  • Client Id
  • Client Secret Id
  • Access Token

Consume Time and Deliver Seamless Support

BigCommerce Order Fetch is the most important module for those who are willing to expand their support system with the BigCommerce store. All order information can quickly view the ticket through this module.

  • No further need to visit the BigCommerce webstore to check the order information of the client.
  • This module fetches complete order information where you required on support ticket raised by the customer.
  • All eCommerce channel queries resolution through one place make ticket handling rule quite

Support Numerous Integration

Delivering support across multiple eCommerce channels can be tedious thus BigCommerce order fetch module gives the ability to integrate various BigCommerce stores with UVdesk Open Source itself.

  • Save time and money instead of checking the order information through multiple websites of BigCommerce.
  • With this module, admin can also integrate any number of eCommerce stores with your helpdesk system.
  • All integration at one place gets conversion or support rate high.

Expedite Support Process with Order Details

This module helps in to give a quick-fix response to validate order information over the ticket. Fast and accurate personalize information helps to make the customer happy and get more sales.

  • BigCommerce Order Fetch module has used Rest API, using this API's UVdesk populate order data in real-time.
  • To fetch order information you just simply need to select the channel name or enter order id.
  • This module makes the support handle process pretty simple.

BigCommerce Integration for Flawless Customer Support

We provide BigCommerce channel integration service with UVdesk like sync order, shipping and payment details on support tickets to get the exact information of the purchase orders.

  • Real-time synchronization is an essential serviceable feature for a helpdesk system.
  • This module helps to clear all the doubts related to the order number provided by the client.
  • The agent offers better support to the customer with the order details With this module.
  • One can improve 100% customer satisfaction and make more sales.


  • Quick And Easy Integration.
  • Highly secure and flexible.
  • Open Source and highly customizable.
  • Save time and Sell more by managing tickets more efficiently.
  • Connect Various BigCommerce store with one dashboard
  • Fetch order related details directly on tickets using the order id
  • The support agent can rectify the support ticket is either fraud or genuine.
  • Confirm order details and priorities the support request to resolve the concern on time.
  • No need to visit BigCommerce webstore again and again to validate order details.
  • One can inspect the source code.
  • Best for enterprise or SME business.
  • Deliver excellent customer service in less time.
  • Save time by avoiding bogus queries.
  • Each agent has access to fetch the order details on the support ticket.
  • This module improves the overall support system with the efficiency of support staff.

UVdesk  Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

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Umar Kasan
Posted On - February 22, 2022
Excellent Service With Webkul
Excellent Service.

1 to 1 guide through on how to troubleshoot the App in BigCommerce through live chat. Response time is about an hour. Speaker is clear and able to explain well.
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