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Magento 2 Mobile Number Login Keeps up with the customers' expectations building their trust is the most important aspect for business entrepreneurs. They must focus on strategies that ease and enhances the shopping experience thereby making them return to your store.

Having said that, it is even a must to simplify things for the customers as they navigate to your store; the first step is the Login process. Indeed, an easy login process will enhance the customer’s login experience thus making them take interest shopping with your website.

Magento 2 Mobile Number Login paves way for the customers to your store by offering an easy to go login process by adding a 10 digit mobile number, which earlier was confined to logging in through emails. Though this extension ensures an enhanced login experience, it also assures the security of the customers' critical data.

Highlighted Features

Login Using Phone Numbers

This module facilitates the customers to login using their phone numbers.

Managing Login Types

The admin can control the Login Types, i.e. the admin may allow login through email or only phone number or both.

Resetting the Phone Number

The customers can update the mobile number on their account page. Even the admin can update it for the customer in the admin panel.

Shipping/Payment Extension Compatibility

All the shipping/ payment extensions are supported by this module.

Why do we need the Magento 2 Mobile Number Login extension?

Meeting the demands of the fast pace e-commerce industry has become extremely mandatory for the merchants. From time to time they need to analyze the customers' mindset and update or incorporate the features fulfilling the customer's requirement in order to make a mark in the e-commerce industry.

One of the main aspects of the prime aspect of any online store is the login process. Indeed, it is, as we will never want our customers to return disappointed just when they find out that the login process is tiresome.

With that being said, we have Magento 2 Mobile Number Login extension as it provides login through phone numbers along with email ids. An easy to go login as it is, it is completely secure and maintains the integrity of the customers' data.

Enable Customer Login via. Phone / Email / Both

Well, to provide a good to go login experience to our customers, we can integrate the Mobile Number Login feature in our stores through Magento 2 Mobile Number Login.

  • Initially, the admin has to set the module status as Enable or Disable.
  • Thereafter, the admin configures the login types.
  • The admin may set the Select Login Through field as only email, only phone number, or both Email and phone number.
  • On choosing only email/ only phone, the customer can log in using their email address/ phone number, respectively.
  • When chosen both, email and phone number, the customer can log in using any of the two.

Enhanced Sign-Up / Sign-In / Checkout Experience

Easing things for the customers should be the prime motive of any online store owner.

From integrating features to providing support, it the customers who will get you the revenue and the help generate real sales for your store. Therefore, they say, Customer First!

  • The prime the motive of this module is to ease the login process for the customers.
  • This shall even instigate a prominent shopping experience for the customers.
  • It is easy, as all the customer has to do is add the 10 numbers while logging in.
  • It is secure, which is the need of the hour for any online business.
  • For customers who do not use emails, well, this module is a good fortune.

Update Mobile Number

Our business exists if our customers do! It holds true, both, for offline and online business. Therefore, it is essential to analyze and study the customers' shopping outlook every once in a while.

Moving ahead, let us discuss the features of Magento 2 Mobile Number Login for the store customers.

  • A new or a registered customer, while registering with the website, will find the phone number field.
  • Also, two customers cannot share the same phone number as it is a unique entity.
  • Earlier, the customers could only edit the email id’s or change the password.
  • This extension allows the customers to update their phone numbers in their respective accounts.
  • The admin in the admin panel can also update the phone number for the customers.

Guest Login Session

Admin can enable/disable the guest login session from the configuration.

  • If any existing user tries to login through the guest session then after entering the registered mobile number/email ID they will get the password field.
  • If any existing user enters an incorrect mobile number then the Shipping Address Form will turn the mobile number filed into email as appears in default registration.

Phone Number Update by Admin

From the customer's list, the admin can click the Edit option under the Action column for any customer. It redirects to the Customer Details page, where the Phone Number field is present. The admin can update the customer’s phone number as well.

  • The admin can view the list of customers.
  • Also, the admin can update the customer's information.
  • The admin can update the customer's phone number.

Guest Login Session

Admin can enable or disable the guest login session from the configuration.

  • When the admin enables guest session login then during checkout it will redirect the guest to the login page where the user has to log in first to complete the checkout process.
  • If the admin disables the guest session login then the checkout process will be the same as follows in the Magento 2 website.


  • Using this module, the customers can log in using their email, phone number, or both.
  • The admin manages the Login Type of the customers.
  • Apart from altering the email id and password, the customers can also update the phone number from their account.
  • The admin can view and, if need be, even update the phone number of the customer.
  • This module is compatible with all the shipping and payment extensions.
  • Allows admin to enable login for the guest session.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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