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Shopware 6 RMA: Shopware return merchandise authorization (RMA) module is a system for manage product returns, exchange, order cancellation easily over your online store. RMA helps to improve end-user experience and satisfaction. The consumer can create a return, exchange, or refund request as a guest or as a registered user within the admin specified time limit.

Highlighted Features

 Return Requests for Admin

Consumers can request product returns, exchange, order cancellation.

  Place Return Requests For Consumers

The admin or the store owner can place returns for the consumers.

  Return Reasons & Status

The admin can manage the reasons provided by the consumers for the returns as well as the status for the returns such as- Default, Solve, and Cancel.

 Admin-Consumer Communication

The admin can revert to the consumer queries which are related to the returns.

 RMA Request By Guest Users

Guest users can also generate the return using the order and email id.

 Customer And Admin Communication

The module allows the customer and admin communication regarding the RMA request.

What is the need for the Shopware 6 RMA Module?

Shopware 6 RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) allows the customer to create a request for a product return/refund/exchange/order cancellation. RMA is used for managing product returns this the store owner to integrate the RMA system for its customers so that they can create a request.

New return request creation using this module is super easy. The customer can create a return, exchanged or refunded request as a guest or as a registered user within the admin specified time limit.

What is the Importance of RMA?

Return Merchandise Authorization is one of the important components of your success in the online market. In this, the customers can request to return an order or a product as well as admin or store owner can place returns for the customers that's why it is important for both merchants as well as customers.

What is the use of this module and why should I use it?

Product return is a much-needed feature in the e-commerce store. RMA feature helps to improve end-user experience and satisfaction. As goods are bought without the physical inspection by the buyers.

So this module provides the freedom to the customer to return and exchange the bought goods. This module offers a quick and convenient way for the customers to file an RMA.

  • Direct interaction between buyer and admin. Using this module buyer and admin can communicate at the Store end.
  • Customers can upload the return images and can print uploaded images by customers.
  • The admin can set Order status for Return and can generate Return on behalf of customers.
  • The admin can create multiple RMA reasons helping customers to choose one of their desired reasons.
  • You can place a dynamic order selection with various options.

Manage RMA Reasons

The admin can manage the RMA reason that is used by the consumer at the time of the RMA request.

  • Create multiple RMA reasons for a request.
  • Set status as enabled or disabled, or delete.

If a consumer generates any RMA request for multiple products, so different reasons can be selected for each product.

Create Return request

Using this module to create a return request is very easy for the consumer. The consumer can generate a return request as a guest or as a registered user.

  • The consumer can view the order number and select the region.
  • Users can upload a broken or damaged or wrong product image as return proof.
  • The consumer can enter additional information related to the product.
  • If a consumer returning any product so the consumer needs to enter the consignment number.
  • The consumer will also get notified if the selected order doesn’t have any product which has the return options enabled on them.

Admin Return Management

The admin can see the complete details of a return by tapping the view button. The admin can see the details about the respective return which include -

  • The return order number.
  • Additional information related to the product.
  • The admin can see the name of the consumer and the assignment number.
  • Conversation between the admin and the customer.
  • Return images added by the customer.
  • The admin can view the product name, quantity, reason, and status.
  • The admin can click on the action button and the admin can assign accordingly statuses to the respective return statuses.

Admin and Customer Conversation

In this module, customers can ask any query related to the store and the store owner can reply to customer's queries.

  • View Date & Time
  • Download Attachments
  • All the conversations are stored and can be viewed later
  • Email notifications to the customer when a new message is received.


  • Customer and Admin can communicate at Store end.
  • The customer can upload Return images.
  • The admin can set Order status for Return.
  • The admin can manage Return status as well as Reasons.
  • The admin can generate returns on behalf of customers.
  • Dynamic order selection with various options.
  • Customer and admin have the option to select pick-up address.
  • The admin can define which type of return applies (Refund, Replace, Repair).
  • Print uploaded image by customer.
  • The admin and the customer can create unlimited return reasons.
  • The admin and the seller can create unlimited return status.
  • The admin and customer can set Order status for Return Requests.
  • The admin will be able to see the seller-buyer conversation history of all the return requests.
  • The admin can send messages or revert back to the customers for their messages.
  • The admin can view the admin-customer conversation history of return requests for their products.
  • Guest users also can request a Return.
  • The customer can send their queries to the seller.
  • The customer can also enter consignment numbers then upload images after Return Requests generation.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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