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Image Recognition Based Products Tags for Magento 2


Image Recognition Based Products Tags for Magento 2: With the module, the admin can generate multiple tags for the products in the store. This module uses the AWS Rekognition which is brilliant in text detection, content moderation, Face search, and verification, etc. The admin needs to create an account with AWS and generate the API Credentials for the backend configurations.

The admin can add the product tags either manually or automatically from the product page. The tags generated will be visible to the customers on the product page and the category page. The tags will be clickable and navigate.

Please Note - For proper working of the module, the user must have AWS API credentials for secure server access and to integrate it with our module.

Highlighted Features

 Automatic Tags Generation

Create the tags in just a single click automatically.

 Manual Tags Generation

Add tags manually by typing the keyword.

 Download Log

Keep the backup for the tags detail as .json file.

 Popular Tags Visibility

List of most searched products on all the left layout pages.

Why do we need Smart Product Tags?

The smart product tags will present the new horizons for the customers by generating the tags for the products in the store.

  • Smart tags improve the accuracy and efficiency of the search process.
  • The tags changes accordingly, with each image upload.
  • This will increase digital productivity by tagging a similar kind of products.
  • Users can move to other products while watching the current products.
  • Most usable for the customers who like store explore various products in the store.
  • As the user will get the desired product easily, the conversion rates and checkout will be faster

Machine Learning (ML) and Digital Asset Management (DAM) with Smart Tags?

Machine learning and Digital Asset management are the two main features that enhance the functionalities of smart tags.

  • The images are intelligently scanned using machine learning.
  • Because of machine learning, the system becomes capable of analyzing the components of the image
  • Smarty tags are exactly what the DAM needs, as their purpose is to organize, store, and distribute the assets.
  • The smart tags are also used in digital asset management to tag the assets for similar projects.
  • With the DAM, the assets will be descriptive and most advanced.

Integrate Product Tags and AWS Rekognition

The module asks the admin to manage multiple configurations. The whole module is managed by the store owner/ admin.

  • The functionality can be enabled/ disabled from the backend.
  • The admin will generate tags for all the products at once.
  • With the download log feature, the details of generated tags can be downloaded in the form of .json file.
  • The AWS Credentials will be added by the admin.
  • The admin also needs to select the AWS region.
  • The admin can also remove the unwanted tags by clicking on the cross for the respective tags.

Adding Tags Manually

For instance, if the store owner has some tags or labels in his mind and wants to add them manually then they can easily add them.

  • The manual tags can be generated just by typing the keyword in the field.
  • Any number of manual tags can be added.
  • This will increase the network of linked products.
  • The automatic tags will get appended to the manual tags.

Adding Tags Automatically

The admin can also generate the tags automatically just by a single click.

  • The admin can easily click on the Read tags from product images on the product edit page.
  • The feature will detect all the possible tags by analyzing the product image.
  • The automatic tags can also be generated for all products at once.
  • This feature will gather the metadata tags with the help of AWS Rekognition.

Tags Storefront View

The generated tags are must to be visible in various positions at the customer end to create increase customer engagement.

  • The tags will be visible on the respective product page.
  • The list of tags includes all the manually and automatically added tags.
  • Tags that are added first will be visible at the starting of the list in frontend.
  • The tags will be clickable and navigate to the search page for that tag.

Popular Tags

Customers generally search the desired product by typing the keyword in the search bar instead of scrolling through the category page.

  • The popular tags will be visible to the customers in all the left layout pages.
  • Left layout pages include category page, catalog page, search page, etc.
  • The sorting order of the product tags list will be in decreasing order of the number of times it is been searched.
  • Popular tags are the collection of tags that are most searched.


  • The admin can add tags for the product manually.
  • The admin can manage the visibility of the product tags field in the product edit page.
  • Amazon Rekognition used to fetch tags from product images.
  • The tags can also be generated automatically for a specific product or all at once.
  • The tags will be clickable and visible in the front end.
  • Popular tags will be visible on all the pages in the front end.
  • The sorting order of popular tags will be in decreasing order of the number of times they have been searched.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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