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Shopware 6 Coupon List at Checkout


Shopware 6 Coupon List at Checkout: This module allows the store owner to display coupons list at the time of checkout. The customers can view the list of the coupons at the checkout page and can click on the apply button to use any particular coupon. This will help in the promotion of your webstore and because of these exciting coupons more and more customers will visit on your webstore.

What’s the need for this extension?

In this module, the admin can create multiple coupons according to the different multiple conditions. The customers can add their products to the cart, and after clicking the View Coupon List within the cart, all available coupon codes that are applicable for the products in cart get visible in a list format.

Then the customer can now choose one or more coupons according to their preference. This will help in the Promotion of your store because of these interesting coupons, a higher number of customers will visit your store.

Creating Coupons

Shopware 6 Coupon list at checkout offers the least complexity to configure. The admin can easily add one or multiple coupons. To enable the coupon code admin needs to configure the below configuration:

  • General Configuration - In this admin need to fill some coupon details like Name, Sales channel, Valid from / Valid until, Possible Redemptions and Promotion Code
  • Precondition - In this admin offers the possibility to implement defined admin can preset the rule based on the conditions - Target group, Shopping Cart, Entire order
  • Discount - In this admin can settle to what extent a discount is shown out here. Admin can set the application to, type, value, maximum discount value.

Show Available Coupons at Cart

The buyer can apply a coupon to get a discount as per the available coupon codes. By clicking on the use coupon code all the coupons will get visible in a list format. Customers can view all the available coupons for the cart only on the checkout cart page.

  • All the coupon codes will appear under the Use Coupon Code section.
  • Click on the Apply Now button to apply the coupon on the cart total.
  • Customers can add one or more than one coupon according to the condition.
  • Details of the applied coupon code are visible in the cart, at the checkout, and order section.


  • In this plugin added Coupon code list at cart checkout on click Use Coupon Code.
  • On click 'Apply' button it automatically updates the cart value.
  • The store owner can add multiple coupons to display at the time of checkout.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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