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Pimcore PrestaShop Connector: Pimcore is an award-winning open-source software for customer experience management, product information management (PIM/MDM), digital asset management (DAM), and eCommerce. The user can create the product information in Pimcore and export the product information from Pimcore to PrestaShop. With this module, you can export products, product variants, categories, and attributes from Pimcore to PrestaShop.

How does this module work?

In this extension, the admin can export product categories, attributes, product images, and products. The most valuable part of this extension is that you can connect multiple stores. The admin can facilitate that send SEO information with products. The admin can send locale wise data for multiple store views. The admin can export complete attribute sets and multiple product images with the product.

Benefits of Pimcore Connector for PrestaShop

In this digital eCommerce world, we can understand the importance of product data and digital media. These are the core of digital commerce operations. With a high volume of SKU's, it's quite tricky to manage more digital assets in a digital ecosystem.

Therefore, the Pimcore connector will help you to export product information along with digital content as well as catalog and price sheets and fetch it to the PrestaShop website directly.

Why do we need Pimcore PrestaShop Connector?

With the help of Pimcore PrestaShop Connector, the user can successfully integrate Pimcore DAM with PrestaShop Connector to export the images for the product and product variants. This connector uses the PrestaShop Rest API to synchronize the product between Pimcore to PrestaShop.

The user can create the credential in PrestaShop and add them to Pimcore. The user can connect multiple PrestaShop Store in Pimcore. The user will get a separate panel for each store where they can map the attribute/object and categories.

Features List

  • Connect multiple PrestaShop instances by providing credentials.
  • Export simple and configurable products to PrestaShop.
  • Export categories to PrestaShop.
  • Export attributes and attribute options to PrestaShop.
  • Export complete attribute sets to PrestaShop.
  • Create/export custom-type attributes and images data to PrestaShop.


For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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