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QloApps AMP | Accelerated Mobile Pages - QloApps AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an useful addon that allows your website to load faster on mobile phones and decrease bounce rates for a better customer experience.

  • Thus, it improves the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) visibility meaning the website ranks higher in the organic search result pages.
  • With this addon, you can create AMP for various pages of your website.
  • The pages include the homepage, search result page, room type page, checkout page, and CMS page.
  • For easy access, these pages have category listings in the sidebar.

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Highlighted Features

 Mobile optimize content

Because of optimizing content, the loading time is faster and it delivers a seamless mobile browsing experience.

 AMP supported browsers

It supports the web view versions of browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera, and UC on the desktop, phone, and tablet.

 Low Bounce Rate

AMP websites load quickly and offer better product visuals, resulting in lower bounce rates.

 Boost SEO

Page speed and mobile responsiveness are factors in Google's algorithm. Your page will be ranked higher in search engine results pages if it loads quickly on mobile.

 Maximizes revenue

Conversions drop by 12% for every additional second it takes for your website to load. Thus, AMP fulfills users’ speed expectations and engages them, which ultimately boosts your Return On Investment.

 Works on slow internet

As its framework is lightweight, it loads faster even on the poor network connection and consumes fewer data.

QloApps AMP | Accelerated Mobile Pages Features -

  • Admin can create AMP pages for Homepage, Search Result Page, Room Type pages, Checkout page, and CMS page.
  • Check AMP pages even when pages are disabled from module configuration.
  • Admin can decide which block he wants to show on the homepage and on what position.
  • Enable/Disable the display of contact details, and social media links in the main menu.
  • Enable/disable the reviews on the Room type AMP page.
  • Admin can enable/disable the display of social media links on the room type page.
  • Admin can add YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo videos on AMP home pages.
  • Manage friendly URLs for your pages for a better SEO
  • Supports Facebook Pixels, Google Adsense, and Google Analytics.
  • Admin can upload AMP page header logo
  • Revamped Menu features according to amp standards.
  • Automatically generate an AMP sitemap through Cron.
  • Users can easily search for a room type from the AMP page.
  • Users can manage login/logout from the main menu.
  • Language and currency dropdown added to the main menu.
  • The whole checkout process is implemented for a seamless booking experience.
  • A customer can view room type details, the quantity of room type added to the cart, and price details on the checkout page.
  • Admin can allow the customer to make the payment on the AMP page or the main website depending on the payment method.

Why should you use the AMP?

AMP is a Google technology that accelerates the rendering process, resulting in faster loading and a better user experience. It works across multiple platforms like cell phones and tablets.

Moreover, it will improve the search engine ranking. So, for potential customers finding your website is much easier. A large number of people are actively engaged in their mobile phones and tablets, so when they can use your website without going out of their comfort. zone and finds a better user experience than others. The chances of conversions increases.

Create AMP pages for your multiple website pages

AMP pages for the following pages are created:

  • Home page
  • Search result page
  • Room type page
  • Checkout page
  • CMS page

Homepage Navigation Menu

The users' speed expectations and engagement site admin can show the social media links in the navigation menu. Logging in and out, browsing room types, and selecting the appropriate language and currency are all simple tasks that improve the user experience

Customize the look and feel as you like

The admin as per their requirements can change the site title, logo, and text settings. It includes:

  • Font style
  • Change the color of the heading.
  • Text color
  • Colour of the link

The header section is also customizable. Customization is possible in:

  • Alignment of the text
  • Header background-color
  • Font-style of header

Check-out process

All the options on the check-out page are available which you see on the website. Customers can easily add room types, make bookings, fill in the information, and process payment for an order on a mobile site. After this, a pop-up appears which shows the details of their bookings like check-in and check-out date, room type, hotel name. So that he/she can review it without navigating back to the main website. By default two payment options (i.e, pay by check and bank wire) are added. You can also add other payment options as per your requirements.

QloApps AMP Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

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