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Advancements in mobile technology means getting higher output with smaller devices at your disposal.

The Flutter Mobile App for Odoo POS means you get the Odoo POS functionalities right in the palms of your hands.

It also curtails the need to implement heavy desktops and such equipment in your store.

Simply use the mobile devices to run your store.

Simply download the Android or iOS app and start processing orders in your store.

Please Note: To make the user experience fluid and unintrusive the Mobikul Odoo POS Mobile App is compatible for all devices.

 Odoo Mobikul POS Mobile App Builder (Flutter Based) Features

Access POS with Mobile Devices

  • Use the mobile App to run Odoo POS on your tablets.
  • The app can be used on devices with screen size or bigger.

 Designed For IOS and Android

  • The Odoo POS mobile Apps are designed separately for iOs and Android.
  • Use any platform of your choice to run the Mobikul POS app.

Create Customer from POS Mobile App

  • Create records of in-store customers in POS at runtime directly from the App.
  • No need to go to the backend and add customer information to Odoo.

 Works both Online and Offline

  • Use the Odoo POS Mobile App in both online or offline mode.
  • When online orders are synced with Odoo in real-time.
  • And Take orders even when POS App is offline.
  • The orders taken in offline mode are auto-synced to Odoo when the internet connection is restored.

Browse POS Products & Categories

  • Navigation hierarchy maintained in the POS Mobile App.
  • Browse Pos shop using product categories and subcategories.

 One Step Configuration

  • Simple one step to allow seamless connection of mobile App with Odoo.
  • Just generate the Secret key to configure the app.

Track POS Mobikul order separately

  • Track orders placed with the Mobikul POS app separately in Odoo.
  • The admin can view all the Odoo Mobikul POS orders with the mobile App.

 Hold POS order Cart

  • Hold POS cart functionality enabled in the POS mobile App.
  • Hold multiple POS Carts with a click and resume at any time.
  • The held POS cart can be seen in a different menu.

Enhanced User Experience in Mobile App

  • You can Scan Barcode from Mobile App
  • Also, Print Invoice from POS Mobile Apps
  • There are multiple Pricelist options to choose in Mobile App
  • Cashiers can be Changed easily.

 Enhanced User Interface in Mobile App

  • UI is Compatible with Landscape as well as Portrait Mode.
  • The app UI is compatible with any mobile device screen.

 Access Mobikul Orders From Your Tablet Device

Admin can see Mobikul POS orders for all users.

The user can see his Mobikul POS orders.

 Ease to Switch the cashiers in Odoo POS Mobile App

Manage the Cashiers for the orders flawlessly.

You can easily switch the cashiers in Odoo POS Session.

Moreover, you can also switch the priceslist easily.

You just need to select the required option from the dropdown.

 Work Multiple POS Orders Simultaneously With Hold Cart Feature

Use the Hold cart feature to hold an order so you can start working on another.

Hold the POS cart whenever required and Keep the Queue moving.

The Hold orders can be seen with a click. Resume the hold orders at any time.

 Dedicated Support For Your Odoo Mobikul POS Mobile App Builder Module

Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for your Odoo Mobikul POS Flutter App Builder.

For any query or issue please CREATE A TICKET HERE

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