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Mobile App (Hybrid) for Shopware 6: The merchants will be able to allow customers to shop online directly using the mobile app on the go with better security and high speed. Shopware mobile apps are fully integrated with the Shopware website and populate the data in real-time.

All the orders, customers, the product information will be synchronized with the Shopware website. Shopware merchants will be able to allow customers to shop online directly using the mobile app on the go with better security and high speed.

Highlighted Features of Mobile App for Shopware 6

 Support Multiple Devices

The app allows customers to access the store on various devices over brands - Android smartphones & tablets, iPhones & iPads.

 Real-Time Synchronization

This application fetches real-time information from web-shop to mobile apps. Such as product information, orders, and customer details.

 Support Third-Party Extensions

This application is compatible with third-party plugins, the pages here in the app will depend on the web-end.

 Supports Online Shipping & Payment Gateways

Shopware 6 Mobile App supports many offline and online shipping and payment gateways.

 Theme Consistency

The theme of the website and app will be similar to provide its users with a uniform user experience.

 Customizable App

The app can be edited from the code end to adjust the user requirements.

What is the use of the Shopware 6 Mobile App?

Mobile Apps are said to be the revolution in today’s industry scenario. They happen to serve the masses globally with their-

  • Easy Accessibility.
  • Better User Interface and Experience.
  • Advanced Features.
  • Faster Processing.

If one has a web store based on the e-commerce platform, then it's time to convert it into an app. Shopware6 Mobile App converts an e-commerce website into an app that operates on both Android and iOS. They have played a great role in the globalization of the e-commerce industry.

Easy to maintain & faster development

The admin can easily maintain and build its own superbly created mobile app without any coding or designing.

  • The hybrid mobile app is typically cheaper and takes less time to build than a native app.
  • Shopware Mobile App is fully synchronized with your default Shopware web store.
  • Within a less budget, Shopware merchants can get their intuitive mobile application that will expand the sales channel.
  • Shopware mobile app is quicker, more engaging, and easier to navigate.
  • The mobile app will bring more customers and increase sales.

Complete purchase via the mobile application

Shopware Mobile App provides a complete shopping experience on smartphone devices. Browse and search the complete catalog, buy it now or later and offer a full online shopping site features on mobile including:

  • Login/Register
  • Reviews/comments
  • Quick & advanced search
  • Add to Shopping cart
  • Easy & fast checkout
  • Order history

Publish on Google Play & Apple App Store

The Shopware Mobile App can be easily published on your Google Play Store and Apple App Store so that your customers can install it easily anytime, anywhere.

  • The admin can release Shopware Mobile App on the official app marketplaces.
  • The admin can promote a mobile app on the website with a QR code.
  • Install the mobile app on multiple smartphones and tablets.

Unlimited Push Notification

The Shopware6 mobile app is a connecting bridge to share details with the customer. The store owner can share the details about the offer, discounts, deals, and other such information using Push Notification.

These Notifications can be easily managed from the admin panel. They can be of any type related to products, categories, or some other random information.

  • It is a set of complete mobile apps that also includes Push Notification functionality.
  • The customers can benefit by getting an informative notification about the launch of new products, deals & sales, festive offers, etc.
  • Admin can send unlimited notifications to the customers.
  • Admin can send different types of push notifications like- Product, category, discount, and others. For example- starting with special prices, deals and sales, Auctions, etc. This helps to grow your business sales.

Payment gateways and shipping methods

This app provides various ways to pay for the goods and services that the customer has purchased. This will not only engage more and more customers but also increase repeat customers.

  • Supports basic built-in shipping methods - flat rate, table rate, free shipping, etc.
  • Safe and reliable real-time transaction processing.
  • With faster transaction processing and manual processing, customers can make easy purchases.

Storefront customizations

The app can edit from the code end to adjust according to the user's requirements. The admin panel provides code to the store owner to edit the app as per requirement under the Mobikul Tab.

  • The customers can choose the color, text, image, etc.
  • The app can customize, with all the settings like a banner, notification, category icons and banner, and other sections.
  • It can be edited and provide customers with what they want.

Features List

  • The admin can create an intuitive hybrid application effortlessly for your Shopware website.
  • The existing website theme integrates into the mobile app.
  • All the payment gateways and shipping methods are available.
  • Push notifications support.
  • Shopware storefront customizations & features are also available in the app.
  • Supports various mobile devices and tablets.
  • A hybrid Mobile app source code is available.
  • The app is fully customizable as per the customers' requirements.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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