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Product Bundle Discount for Magento 2


Product Bundle Discount for Magento 2: This extension on one's web store will allow the customer to purchase the product with a discount. The store owner can create a bundle of products that can be allocated discount depending on the admin choice. Thus, it helps in the enhancement of the sells in the store. It attracts maximum customers as they can get the products in the bundle are a subsidized price.

To extend the advantage the module allows the store owner to showcase the product on the cart page. Thus, allowing the customer to get attracted easily with the store. The specialized discount can be added as per the percentage or fixed price. Hence, enhance the functionality with the plugin and increase sales by increasing user engagement.

Highlighted Features

 Advertisement on Cart Page

The admin can enable the display of the bundle product on the cart page to attract customers.

 Support for Simple and Configurable Product Types

The bundle can be created for both the product types.

 Bundle Product in Separate Layout

The bundle products are collectively visible in an exclusive tab. Here the admin can add the pagination limit to display the number of products on a page.

 Specialized Discount on Bundle

The store owner can add the discount on the product on the base of percentage as well as a fixed price. In the case of the percentage discount, the base product can be ignored.

 Base Product Bundle Creation

The bundle can be created as per the base product wherein the admin can select the list of child products.

 Specify the Product Quantity in a Bundle

The store owner can make the quantity of child and base product which will be part of the bundle.

Why the extension is useful?

The extension offers the customer the added functionalities which allow them to purchase bundle products at discounted rates. These offers and deals keep them engaged. Thus increasing the count of the customer in the store. This pricing and promotion technique can help the store owner get maximum profit without much effort.

Defining the Time Limit for Bundle Product

The store owner can set the time limit for the visibility of a bundle product in the store. The start and end date of the product will allow. The store owner can manage the dates as per requirement from the backend configuration quickly.

  • Quick Management of inventory within the time frame.
  • Allow admin to control the display of the bundle product.
  • Can know the demand of products by realizing bundle in specific time slots.

Combining the Product to form a Bundle

The admin can combine more than one product to form a bundle. The created bundle can contain simple or configurable products. The admin can select the base product and its child product to be part of the bundle.

  • Specify the size of the product.
  • Any combination of products can be added together to form a bundle.
  • These bundles promote cross and up-sells of the product.

Promotion of Bundle

The cart page of any website is the ultimate page on which the admin wishes the customer to reach. The advertisement on these pages can make the product more prominent.

  • Attractive offers can increase the conversion rate in the store.
  • The listing can increase the visibility of the bundle products.
  • Increase customer interest in the store.

Subsidized Pricing of Bundle Product

The purchase of the products at a discounted rate can attract multiple customers in the store. It gives the additional power wherein they can buy multiple products at a lower price.

  • Increase Customer engagement and lead to more conversion.
  • Discounted Pricing can be the most effective feature for sales of the product.
  • The customer can checkout have multiple choices to purchase from in the case of the configurable products.

Enhanced Shopping Experience of Customers

The customer can receive exciting and attractive offers with bundle products. It is a cost-effective solution to serve the customer and enjoy the best deals.


  • The admin can append the bundle on the basis of the base product.
  • The admin can use simple and configurable products to create the bundle.
  • Bundle products are visible on the product page under the bundle product tab if configured.
  • They are also visible on the cart page as a promotion.
  • One can enable the disable the listing of bundle products.
  • Customers can select the configuration of the configurable product at the time of purchase.
  • The admin can specialized discounts to bundle products on a fixed or percentage basis.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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