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PrestaShop Marketplace Seller Shipping - This is an advanced shipping module for PrestaShop Marketplace. Using this module, seller can completely manage the shipping. Seller can create new shipping methods and can also set one’s own shipping rate. Admin can set either auto or manual approval of seller shipping methods. Now seller can specify their shipping method transit time in multi-language.

Important Note

  • This module is an add-on of the marketplace module. To use this module you have to install PrestaShop Advanced Multi-Vendor Marketplace
  • The current version of this module is compatible with PrestaShop Advanced Multi-Vendor Marketplace Version 5.2.x to 6.0.2.

Highlighted Features

Create Shipping Methods

Allow sellers to create their own shipping methods.

Shipping Distribution

Choose to distribute the shipping charges between seller and the admin.


Choose to automatically approve the seller shipping methods.

Impact/Handling Price

Offer sellers to add handling price & zone wise impact price for each shipping method.

PrestaShop Marketplace Seller Shipping Features

  • Seller can create shipping methods.
  • Seller can add their own shipping charges.
  • Created shipping methods has to be approved by admin.
  • Seller can give basic price for each continent.
  • Seller can add handling cost to the shipping methods.
  • Seller can create free shipping methods.
  • Seller can add impact price based on zones-country-state.
  • Seller can assign a unique shipping method to the products being added.
  • In case seller does not assign any shipping method to products, then by default the available shipping method is assigned to product.
  • Buyers will have the opportunity to choose from the available shipping methods.
  • Admin can assign own shipping methods to all the admin’s products at once.
  • Admin can assign own shipping methods to all the seller products.
  • Seller can set the default shipping method for newly added products.
  • Seller can also add tracking details on the order details page.
  • Now seller can add shipping transit time in multi-language.
  • Admin can also add seller shipping methods with multi-language transit time.
  • Admin can enable/disable the manual approval of seller shipping methods.
  • Admin can select whether to send the mail to seller when seller shipping method is approved by admin or not.
  • Admin can select whether to receive the mail whenever seller shipping method is created.
  • Admin as well as seller can apply tax on the shipping rates.
  • Admin as well as seller can select “Out of range behavior” either as “apply the highest shipping cost” or “disable the carrier”.
  • Sellers can choose group access for their shipping method.
  • The module is multi-shop compatible.
  • Module translation is available in following languages: French (fr), Arabic(ar), Spanish(es), German(de), Italian(It), Russian(ru), Japanese(ja), Dutch(nl), Bulgarian (bg), Portuguese (pt).

If you are using PrestaShop Advanced Multi Vendor Marketplace versions 5.1.x or 5.2.x then you will get the below mentioned features with PrestaShop Marketplace Seller Shipping module.

  • Admin can enable/disable distribution of shipping.
  • Admin can choose the distribution of shipping between admin, seller or both on the basis of commission rate from Admin carriers page. In this case, if ‘both’ option is selected on carrier then admin will get commission on seller individual earning on shipping.
  • Admin can also view the seller shipping for every seller separately under “Manage seller order” page.
  • If seller shipping is applied on seller product then seller can add tracking number on his/her own order from seller order details page.

Sellers Carrier

  • New shipping methods can be created by seller.
  • Seller can manage the carriers for their products from shipping method tab.
  • Seller can edit the basic price and impact price added to shipping methods.
  • Seller can view the status of shipping methods.
  • Seller can delete the shipping method.

Adding shipping charges

There are two ways in which seller can add price for the shipping methods created by them.

  • Basic Price - Seller can set basic shipping price applicable for all continents. Seller has to define range first and then default basic price can be assign to all continents. Different basic prices can be set for different continents.
  • Impact Price - Seller can add impact price according to zone-country-state.

PrestaShop Marketplace Seller Shipping Use Case

  • After the installation of Marketplace Module, you can install the Marketplace Seller Shipping Module to let your sellers set their own shipping method and the shipping price too. 
  • Once the module is installed a new menu “Shipping Method” is added under the marketplace account menu. From here the seller can either create new shipping method and can edit the one’s that are added previously.
  • As soon as the seller finishes the creation of a new shipping method, the request is sent to the admin. Till the time the admin approves the request, the status for the newly created shipping method is “pending” only.
  • Once the admin approves it, the status changes to “active” on the frontend.
  • Now the seller can use all the active shipping method with the products. When the seller will add any new product then can assign any of the shipping method to it.
  • Seller can add the impact pricing on the basic shipping price added for the shipping method. The impact price is based on area, country and the state. The seller can edit and update the impact pricing from the shipping plan page, where all the shipping plans by the seller are listed.
  • During the checkout, the buyer can choose from the shipping methods assigned to the products. The products price will change depending on the shipping method chosen by the buyer.

"This way the admin can let the seller decide their own shipping method."

PrestaShop Marketplace Seller Shipping Support

For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

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Sandhya Nossin
www.drinksandspirits.com/gb/ (MQ)
Posted On - July 7, 2022
Highly Recommend Webkul
I recommend Webkul for their responsiveness and professionalism. They are always listening and very competent.
Posted On - June 3, 2020
great module, meets my expectations. The technical service is fast and excellent.
Posted On - November 28, 2017
This module allows sellers to add and manage carriers the same way you would in backend. No need to impose them a shipping fee, especially when international shippings are involved
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