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Prestashop WooCommerce Connector -The module allows you to import products, categories, customers from WooCommerce to Prestashop. In order to import products & orders along with the shipping, tax etc you can also map shipping, taxes, attributes, categories of WooCommerce with Prestashop. It will help you to attach the right category, shipping, tax etc with the imported products or orders.

Prestashop WooCommerce Connector Features -

  • Connect your WooCommerce store with your Prestashop store.
  • Allow or restrict the default category.
  • Select the default category to import the product from WooCoomerce to Prestashop(if no category is associated with the product at WooCoomerce).
  • Enable or disable allocation of default tax on products.
  • Select the default attribute group for the imported products.
  • Choose default payment method & order status to apply on imported orders from WooCommerce to Prestashop(if no payment or order status is found while importing them).
  • Select the default shipping method to apply on orders while importing them.
  • Set the maximum data limit to fetch in one go.
  • Enter the default quantity of the imported products if stock is not managed at WooCommerce end.
  • Enable or disable import of attachments while importing virtual products.
  • Allow or restrict download of attachments in virtual products by customer.
  • Map the categories of Prestashop with the categories of WooCommerce.
  • Import customers from WooCommerce to Prestashop.
  • Choose to import customers by their customer ID or all of them in one go.
  • Map the attributes of Prestashop with attributes of WooCommerce.
  • Import products from WooCommerce to Prestashop.
  • Choose to import products by their product ID or all of them in one go.
  • Map shipping method & taxes of Prestashop with shipping & tax of WooCommerce.
  • Import orders from WooCommerce to Prestashop.
  • Choose to import orders by their order ID or all of them in one go.

How this module can prove beneficial?

There are various merchants out there who run their stores on various platforms simultaneously due to various reasons. Suppose you are a merchant & you have your stores on both the platforms i.e. WooCommerce & Prestashop. With the passage of time, it might be possible that you start facing problems while managing both of them simultaneously.

Hence, you will look for the solutions eventually. And, the solution is none other than a Connector. A connector that allows you to import products, customers, orders etc. so that you can manage both the store effectively at the same time.

Why mapping is important before importing products & orders?

There are various reasons to cite the importance of mapping. I will give you an example to provide a clearer picture.

Let’s suppose that a product was successfully imported from the WooCommerce to Prestashop. And, the product category(of WooCommerce) or say shipping is not available at the Prestashop end. Now, while importing the product or orders, they need to be associated with some category, shipping or tax. Otherwise, all the imported products or orders will be automatically associated with default shipping, category or tax selected by you in the configuration settings.

Hence, to overcome this obstacle, either we need to create a category/shipping/tax or map them with the available category/shipping/tax of Prestashop.

And, if You have successfully mapped the WooCommerce category/shipping/tax with Prestashop category/shipping/tax, then the imported product will be automatically associated with mapped category/shipping/tax of Prestashop after they have been successfully imported to Prestashop.

Import customers, products & orders

The main aim of this module was to ease the management process for merchants managing stores on both the platform i.e. WooCommerce & Prestashop. And to achieve that, it also allows merchants to import customers, products, orders from the WooCommerce to Prestashop.

  • Import customers, products, orders from WooCommerce to Prestashop to effectively manage both the stores simultaneously.
  • View the status of import of all these while importing them to Prestashop.
  • Status of import helps to import the products, customers, orders again in case if the import of some of them failed while importing.

Prestashop WooCommerce Connector Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

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