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PrestaShop YouTube Playlist - The module offers shop owners to display videos of YouTube along with the playlist of a particular YouTube account to the customers.

Additionally, the module also offers shop owners to create a custom playlist of their own by adding the links to all the YouTube videos that they want to include in the playlist.

In the case of a custom playlist, customers will be able to view only those videos that a shop owner has added to the playlist. The module also offers shop owners to display the playlist on the following three positions.

  • Below YouTube video player
  • Inside the YouTube video player
  • At the right side of the YouTube video player

Highlighted Features

 YouTube Playlist

Show playlist of the YouTube videos to customers on the front end of the shop.

 Playlist Position

Select a position on the YouTube player window where you want to show the playlist.

 Show/Hide Playlist

Append or collapse the playlist when the playlist is shown below the YouTube video player.

 YouTube Player Position

Select a page on which you want to show the YouTube video player along with the playlist.

PrestaShop YouTube Playlist Features

  • Show YouTube playlist in 3 different modes i.e. playlist slideshow in a player, playlist in the right or playlist at the bottom.
  • Choose to fetch videos via username or through video links.
  • Enter the maximum number of videos to display in the playlist.
  • Set the height & width of the YouTube playlist wall.
  • Select the video number to show it on loading the page from the playlist.
  • Enable or disable the auto-hide playlist functionality.
  • Choose to start playing the videos from the playlist automatically on loading the page.
  • Select the page of the shop to show the YouTube playlist on it.

Why would you want to embed a YouTube playlist into your website?

Here are a few great reasons why you would want to embed a YouTube playlist on your business website:

  • Keep people on your website longer by offering them more relevant content.
  • Avoid unrelated or inappropriate videos being displayed after a video has been watched.
  • Extra source of traffic.

Configure YouTube Playlist Block

  • Specify the API Key.
  • Select the YouTube playlist type to either Username or URL.
  • Specify the YouTube Username
  • Enter the number of videos that you want to display.
  • Select YouTube Playlist Mode from the three predefined options:
            a) Playlist in the bottom
            b) Playlist slideshow in player
            c) Playlist in the right
  • Set the Video description limit.
  • Set the video number that you want to be selected by default.
  • Specify the height of the player.
  • Specify the width of the player.
  • Enable/Disable the autohide feature.
  • Set the position of the YouTube block.

PrestaShop YouTube Playlist Support

For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

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