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WooCommerce POS Multiple Barcode: Nowadays, our customers expect that we provide them with a quick order processing scenario as no customer likes to waste a single minute standing in the queue. For this, the business owners must integrate viable features that provide an extremely sound user experience to the customers. One of these features is multiple barcodes, which when incorporated with the WooCommerce POS enhances its usability.

WooCommerce POS Multiple Barcode is beneficial in a way that it allows the admin to generate more than one barcode for a product and allocate each barcode, a quantity. When the customers place the order (for that product for which the admin has created the barcode), the POS agent can simply scan or enter the barcode name, and the associated quantities with the barcodes will be added in the cart. This reduces the labor of adding the products in the cart one by one, thus increasing the potency factor.

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Highlighted Features

 Generate Multiple Barcodes

For a product, the admin can create multiple barcodes with respective product quantities which the POS agent scans and instantly add the product to cart.

 Map Quantity To Each Barcode

To each barcode which the admin creates, a quantity is assigned.

 Print Barcode From Product Grid

From the product grid, the admin can click on the barcode icon to print the multiple barcodes for the product.

 Adding Products To Cart With Just A-Scan

The POS agent can add/ scan the barcode name to add different quantities of a product in a cart.

Why use Multiple Barcode for WooCommerce POS?

In order to provide the customer with the best user experience at the store by quickly processing their orders and help the sales agent to process the orders with zero error, then there should be a vital solution which can help in achieving this kind of workflow.

By the help of WooCommerce POS Multiple Barcode plugin, the admin lets its sales agent to quickly process the orders at the store without lagging to process an order. The admin can easily create multiples of barcodes for a product and can assign various quantities to those created barcodes.

For Example:- If a customer needs to have a product with 50 quantities then in such case the sales agent instead of scanning the product for 50 times just scan the product barcode slip mapped with 50 quantities or enter the barcode name.

This will result in the instant adding of multiple product quantities in the cart without waiting for the sales agent to scan the product again and again or by doing it manually. Also, it enhances the efficiency factor as not much time is consumed in adding the products to cart and more data can be processed in less time.

Creating Multiple Quantity Barcodes for Product

Barcodes have always served as one of the most imperative components for e-commerce businesses. The reason being, it is stable and economical.

  • The admin firstly selects a product from the product list and adds multiple barcodes for that product.
  • Each Barcode that is created is assigned a barcode name and a quantity.
  • The barcode names need to be unique, though the quantity assigned to each barcode may be different or the same.
  • The multiple barcodes can be printed from the product grid by clicking the barcode icon for a specific product.
  • The admin can add as many barcodes as needed for a product.

Add To Cart Multiple Product Quantities

The plugin helps out the sales agent to add multiple quantities for a single product by just scanning a single barcode slip.

  • The POS agent can add quantities with just a barcode scan.
  • The POS agent can also add quantities by entering the barcode name as well.
  • The quantity associated with the barcode name of the product will be added in the cart.
  • Instantly, the product quantity is added to the cart. An inexpensive tool as it ensures prompt and explicit data retrieval.

Inventory Management

One of the most exigent aspects of a Point Of Sale System is inventory management. An efficient POS system will always help analyze the inventory in a better way thus generating real sales for an online store.

  • The POS Inventory management system helps to evaluate the stock in a better way.
  • POS Multiple Barcodes plugin helps the sales agent to add the product quantity directly into the cart.
  • The order is placed directly from the POS itself.
  • Also, managing the out of stock products is comparatively easy and the inventory is managed likewise with the POS inventory management system.
  • With an organized inventory system comes an accuracy in POS orders.


  • The admin can create multiple barcodes for a product.
  • Different quantities can be assigned to each barcode.
  • The multiple barcodes can be printed from the product grid by clicking the barcode icon for a specific product.
  • The POS agent needs to scan or can enter the barcode name to add the product units in the cart.
  • Multiple barcodes for a single product save time & increase the efficiency of a sales agent to add products to orders.


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