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Prestashop Virtual Payment Terminal -The module allows customers to save their card details on the website of the merchant. As there are multiple reasons for a customer to leave the website but we could not diminish the abandonment rate causing due to payment failure. Hence, saving the card details of the customer to make the payment afterward could be something that merchants can try to retain the sales and the customers.

Prestashop Virtual Payment Terminal Features -

  • Choose to save the card details of the customer to process the payment in the future.
  • Either save all the details of the card in the database or half in a database and receive another half via mail.
  • Set a minimum and maximum order amount to use the payment method.
  • Set an email to receive the other half details of the card.
  • Select the order status for the orders placed using the virtual payment method.
  • Choose to delete the card details after the order reaches a certain status.
  • Select the order status after which the card details will be deleted.
  • Choose to show or hide card details on the order history page.
  • Show or hide certain fields from the card details form.
  • View details of all the saved cards under the customer’s personal details page too.

Benefits of using this module

This module will help those merchants who have a particularly very high cart abandonment rate because of payment failures. It's a very well established fact on which most of us will agree that we often leave the website after facing payment failure. We might never return to that site again and this is true with most of the shoppers out there.

These instances not only result in very high unaccounted losses but it also cost some customers that the merchant could have retained if it was not for the payment issue.

Save the details to process the payment afterward

In order to minimize the cart abandonment and bounce rate causing due to payment failures, merchants can resort to the option where they will process the payment themselves on the customer's behalf. There are two ways in which this module allows merchants to save the card details.

  • Save half of the information in the database and receive the other half via mail - In this case, some of the info provided by the customer is saved in the database of the shop and the other half is received by the merchant via mail.
  • Save all the information in the database - Here the merchant opts to save all the info provided by the customer in the database only.

Customize the card detail form

You can also decide to show or hide some fields from the card detail form which is shown to the customer on the checkout page. Those fields are:

  • The name of the cardholder
  • Card number
  • The expiry date of the card
  • CVV of the card

Prestashop Virtual Payment Terminal Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

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