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Alexa Integration for Magento 2


Magento 2 Alexa Integration: With Magento 2 Alexa Integration, the customer does not need to go through the application or the website in order to check the products and place the order for any specific product. The customer's order products and checks the store by Alexa’s voice commands. The customer can also get the order details in the response as Alexa’s voice.

The Amazon Alexa voice assistant integration can easily build voice experiences and the skills for making the order related activities more delightful and easier. The customer can now easily say the voice commands in order to Find, purchase, or check any order details. The store owners can easily generate the JSON module for skill, then can deploy the created skill to the Alexa console. The store owner can create multiple skills for their application. All the created skills will have all the possible personalized intents. Alexa will reply to the customer;’s voice commands depending on the ASK.

Note: If the customer wants to test the skill using the Alexa Devices then they must install the app in their mobile device and login to the app using the same email ID as used in the Alexa Console. Also, languages should be the same on both platforms.

Why Use This Module?

In the era when technologies like Artificial intelligence and machine learning are leading millions of brains, the customers are in search of the most comfortable, and relishing application possible to use.

  • Amazon Alexa integration with Magento 2 store is a brilliant idea in the way of a smarter e-commerce store.
  • With this, the customers can easily order the products by using the easy commands.
  • The store owner can generate the skill and deploy that skill to the JSON editor present in Alexa Console.
  • The customer can check to listen about the product in-store, purchase the, And also check the order details.

Skill In Alexa Console

The store owner can easily create the skills for their applications using the Alexa Skill Kit or ASK.

  • The store owner can create the skills under the Alexa console.
  • Every Skill must have an invocation name, it is actually used at the time of launching the application.
  • You can customize the skill as per the desire, this can be done by the experts with proper customization.

Terminologies Related To Skills

The user will create the intent to give a proper response to the customer.

  • Intents are basically the actions that fulfill the voice command spoken by the customer.
  • There is a proper case sensitive rule present in ASK to create the intent name.
  • The user can check the previously created intents, and edit them.
  • Users can also select the intents from the built-in library of Alexa.
  • Every intent must have at least one utterance.
  • The user can create multiple random utterances depending on the intent.

Test Alexa With Created Intents

Once the utterances are created, the user can check them to be present in the JSON editor.

  • The user can also test the skills by saying the utterances saved previously.
  • The response will also be visible in the JSON editor
  • After the confirmation, the user can easily Build the app to deploy the skill.
  • After deploying, the model version number will be generated that will be used in the Magento 2 Alexa integration extension Configuration.


  • Using Alexa users can find products in the Magento store.
  • The user can add products to their cart.
  • Users can remove products from the cart.
  • The user can get product details such as price, name.
  • Users can directly place an order using Alexa.
  • The user address will be fetched from the Alexa account and used as a shipping and billing address.
  • After an order is placed user can get order details.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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