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Laravel eCommerce SaaS Table Rate Shipping


Laravel eCommerce SaaS Table Rate Shipping: Laravel eCommerce SaaS Table Rate Shipping module helps the tenants to create custom shipping methods from the tenant panel as per the requirements. Shipping rates are calculated based on the product price, country, state, zip range, postcode, weight.

The tenants can even create super shipping sets from their ends. Table Rate Shipping module helps the tenant to manage the shipping efficiently

Highlighted Features

 Supersets/Shipping Methods

The tenant can easily add the superset methods to customize shipping.

 Adding Shipping Rates/Uploading CSV

The tenant can add the shipping rates by uploading the CSV file.

 Shipping Rate For Specific Country

The tenant can easily set the shipping rate for a specific country by using the county code.

 Alpha Numeric Zip Code

This module supports alpha-numeric zip codes.

 Shipping Rates Calculation

The shipping rates will be calculated based on the zip code and the weight of the product.

 Support Unicode Transformation Format - 8

Table rate shipping support UTF - 8 which provides multi-language support.

Why Should we use this module?

Laravel eCommerce Table Rate Shipping module allows the tenant to create custom shipping methods. By using these methods the tenant can easily set the custom superset rates and shipping rates of their products.

The entities involved in the calculation of the shipping cost depend upon- Country code, Region code, Weight, Zip Code Range, Numeric Zipcode, and Alphanumeric Zipcode.

Module Layout

The tenant can easily configure this module by navigating to configure>>sales>>shipping methods>>table rate shipping.

Create Custom Shipping Methods/Supersets

The tenant can add the superset rates for their customers. If there are two or more shipping methods available to a customer, in this case, the superset rate will get priority.

  • Enter the price range (Price from, Price to).
  • Select the shipping type as - fixed or free.
  • Select the superset method.
  • The tenant can also create superset rates.
  • Set the price of the shipping method.
  • The tenant can edit/delete superset rates.

Manage Shipping Rules/Superset Rates

Under the table rate shipping, the tenant can easily add the custom shipping methods to manage the shipping CSV.

  • Enter the unique code of superset.
  • Enter the superset name.
  • Select the superset status active/inactive.
  • The tenant can edit/delete the supersets.
  • By choosing these supersets methods tenant can add their custom superset rates and shipping rates.

Upload Shipping Matrix Rates/CSV

Under the “table rate shipping,” the tenant will upload the CSV file containing “country code,” “zip from," “zip to,” “price”, “weight from,” “weight to” and "alphanumeric code".

  • The tenant can upload the table rate shipping via the CSV file.
  • The tenant can easily download the sample CSV file.
  • The tenant can give the superset method names for Table rate shipping.
  • CSV file support alphanumeric zip codes.
  • The tenant can also export the table rate shipping in CSV or XLS format.

Customer Checkout Process

After the successful installation of the module by the tenant, the table rate shipping method will be displayed to the customer on the checkout page.

  • The shipping price is calculated based on a CSV file containing “country code”, "region" “zip from”, “zip to”, “price”, “weight from”, “weight to”.
  • The customer will have the table rate shipping methods on checkout if their shipping address matches the CSV ( zip code, country, weight).
  • If the multiple shipping methods are matched with the customer Zip code and weight, in this case, all the matched table rate shipping methods will be displayed to the customer on the checkout page.

Creating Invoice and Shipment

The tenant can easily create an invoice and shipment for the order that has been placed. Under the sales option the tenant can perform the following actions:-

  • The tenant can easily create the invoice for the orders from their dashboard.
  • The tenant can set the tracking id and shipping detail.
  • The tenant can download and print the invoice.
  • The tenant will provide the carrier title details.
  • The tenant will select the inventory source of the product.

Features List

  • Tenants can add shipping rates using the CSV files for table rates.
  • Tenants can create sub-methods for Table Rate Shipping.
  • Tenants can create Super Shipping Set.
  • The shipping cost is calculated based on the product price.
  • Shipping will be calculated based on the Postcode and the Weight of the product.
  • Tenants can confirm the order and can set the tracking ID for the order.
  • Shipping rates will populate based on CSV during checkout.
  • Option to export a shipping CSV file from the back-end.
  • Ability to download invoices & Shipping slips easily.
  • The codes are open, so they can be customized easily.
  • Table Rate Shipping supports alphanumeric zip codes.


For any issue related to this module, please create a support ticket here at - https://webkul.uvdesk.com/en/customer/create-ticket/ or send an email to support@webkul.com

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