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Booking App for Shopify: The Booking App for Shopify helps the store owner to add booking products and services to their Shopify store and create slots for single/multi-users as per the business requirement.

There are six different types of bookings provided in the app such as Appointment Type, Concert Type (day-wise booking),Concert Type with Time, One-Day Booking, Rent Type , Rent Type with Time .The merchant can select the booking type and add date-time slots accordingly.

The customers can filter the booking type, select the products/services of their choice. On the product page, a booking calendar widget appears to let customers select their preferred date & time slot and complete the booking process.

Merchants having a fully-fledged Multi-vendor Marketplace can also use the Booking App to enable sellers to sell services, rent products, and offer one-day booking on their products. Sellers can add bookings to their products added to the marketplace and let customers book products and services as per their choice.


  • An interactive dashboard to track the ongoing progress of your store.
  • An informative "calendar view" for the merchants to manage customer's bookings.
  • Get quick notifications for each action performed in the app.
  • Six booking types to choose as per the business requirements.
  • Once Day Booking: Allow customers to schedule booking for a day. Ex:- Cab booking service, etc
  • Appointment Type: Let customers schedule appointments by selecting time slots. Ex:- Doctor’s appointment booking system.
  • Rent Type:- Allow customers to book rental items such as rental furnitures, electronic appliances, etc
  • Concert Type: Let customers select a pre-defined date range to schedule booking. Ex:- Venue booking service, etc.
  • Add custom fields to booking products/services in case you want to get additional information from your customers at the time of booking.
  • Add custom information to the booking products/services in case you want to display extra information related to your product.
  • Google Calendar feature to add customer’s booking events to Google Calendar.
  • Manual Booking Option to create bookings on behalf of your customers.
  • Overwrite specific days or close bookings for some specific days or time duration, in case you are not available to receive customer’s bookings.
  • Set Minimum Guest Limit per Customer in case of multi-user booking.
  • Auto-approve customers reschedule booking requests.
  • The customer can request the admin to reschedule his booking.
  • Moreover, Customers can view booking details from their respective “My Account” section.
  • Have a separate page to list all the bookings products/services listed on your store.
  • Customers can easily filter any booking type by days/week/year/month and also by date range.
  • Allow customers to choose the group days to rent a product. Thus, restrict them to rent an item for a fixed number of days.
  • Get an option to update the booking type.
  • Lock the booking products/services in the customer’s shopping cart.
  • The app is now available with Shopify Point of Sale (POS).
  • Integrated with the popular Multi-vendor Marketplace App for Shopify.
  • You can restrict booking product features for your sellers.
  • Configure booking dashboard labels on the seller end (Multi-vendor-Booking App Integration).
  • Global Booking to let customers create bookings from a separate Global Booking page.
  • The app has now become Partner Friendly!

Booking App is Perfect For

    Appointment Booking System

    Dentist Appointment, Consultant, Freelancer, Fitness Class, Tuition classes Booking system!

  • Merchants have the flexibility to create time slots for the appointment booking system and let customers select their preferred time slot.
  • Create custom fields and let the customer enter the information at the time of booking.
  • Dentist Booking System:- Let customers enter their age, select dentist, checkup time, etc.
  • Tuition classes Booking system:- Allow customers to choose their favorite teacher, subject, location.
    Rental Booking System

    A perfect solution for the merchants offering rental services on their website including rental cars, dresses, and jewelry on rent.

  • Merchant can enable the weekdays, weekends & add date ranges when they wish to offer products/services on rent. Thus, customers can select a start date and end date to rent a product on your website.
    Concert/Event Booking System

    Booking App is the best solution to manage event bookings online including Live Musical Concert, Booking for 1 Week Food Festival, etc

  • Merchant can create fixed date-time slots for the concerts and customers can select one slot when they wish to save their booking for the concert.
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