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Parcel Perfect Shipping for Magento 2


Parcel Perfect Shipping for Magento 2: Parcel Perfect is a software development company for courier industries and provides parcel tracking technology for shipping products to these countries – Southern Africa, UK, Europe, USA, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and mainland China.

So, by installing this shipping module, the admin can manage shipping and orders, print invoice, add handling fees from his admin panel. Also, the admin will be able to provide the Parcel Perfect Shipping method to the customers for shipping the goods.

Highlighted Features

 Display Error Message

An error message will appear on checkout if the parcel perfect shipping method is not applicable.

 Generate Parcel Perfect Shipping Label

The admin can generate the ParcelPerfect Shipping label in PDF format.

 Shipping Rates on the Checkout Page

This module will calculate the real-time shipping rate according to parcel perfect shipping while checkout.

 Set up Handling Fees

The admin can set up handline fees on top of the shipping amount.

What is the use of this module and why should we use it?

Parcel Perfect is a shipping method and perfect solution for merchants who wish to enable Parcel Perfect shipping services for the shipment of orders from their store itself. The admin can select multiple countries to ship the products supported by Parcel Perfect shipping such as Southern Africa, UK, Europe, USA, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and mainland China.

This module enables the customer to choose their preferable Parcel Perfect shipping method on the checkout page for getting their product shipped using Parcel Perfect shipping. This module provides the easiest way to set the title for the shipping method, handling fees, and the origin address from the admin backend also can generate the invoice and shipping labels.

Parcel Perfect Shipping Basic Options

Magento Parcel Perfect Shipping is a complete shipping solution for your online store. The extension displays real-time parcel perfect shipping rates on the Magento checkout page. To get work this module, the admin needs to do the following configuration:

  • The admin can enable or disable the Parcel Perfect Shipping method.
  • The admin will enter username and password for Parcel Perfect Shipping.
  • The admin needs to define the sandbox server URL.
  • The admin will enter the method title name.
  • The admin can set up handling fees.
  • An error message will display if the shipping method is not applicable.

View Shipping Method & Cost at Checkout

Magento parcel perfect shipping module calculates the shipping cost based on store origin address. The domestic customer can only place the order with this shipping method.

  • For instance, if the store origin address is UK then only UK customers can see the parcel perfect shipping method under the shipping methods else it will display the error message.
  • The customer will select the preferred method for getting their products shipped.
  • Also, this module helps to make better choices for your shipping needs.

Order Handling by Admin

The parcel perfect shipping method selected by the customer also visible to admin on the order details page.

  • Where the admin can view complete order details, also can generate the invoice, shipments, re-order the placed order, and send emails to customers and even cancel the order.
  • Not even the order details, if admin will create the invoice it also contains the Parcel perfect shipping name and cost details.
  • With this module, the admin will aware of what shipping method the customer has chosen and the amount of shipping on the order page itself.

Print Invoice & Send Tracking Information

The admin can create the packaging for the products easily by checking the option "Create Shipping Label" and submit the shipment.

  • Once the admin creates the shipment, the admin can print and download the Parcel Perfect shipping label in pdf format.
  • The tracking information will be added automatically.
  • The admin can also send the tracking information to the customer.
  • The admin can send parcel perfect tracking Id.

Create Parcel Perfect Shipment

This module allows the admin to manage shipping details on the order history page. The admin can create the shipment and add the tracking number by the following option.

  • The admin can add carrier type.
  • The admin can enter Tracking Title.
  • The admin can enter the Tracking number.
  • Once the admin has generated the shipment of the order, download the Parcel perfect shipping label and receive the tracking number from the Shipping Label.


  • The admin can enable or disable the Parcel Perfect Shipping method.
  • The admin will be allowed to set the Parcel Perfect shipping method name that will be shown at checkout.
  • Calculate Shipping Cost According to ParcelPerfect Shipping.
  • The admin can add handling fees.
  • The shipping cost will be calculated from the origin address.
  • The code is fully open and easy to use.
  • The admin can generate the ParcelPerfect Shipping label in PDF format.
  • The admin can add the methods allowed for shipping.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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