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Shopify PreOrder Controller: Shopify pre order plugin allows the merchants to add preorder products (“out of stock” products, pre-launched products) to their Shopify store and let customers preorder the products even if the product goes out of stock. The customer will get notified via email once the item comes back in stock.

The customer can either pay the partial or full amount to preorder the “out of stock” products. You need to configure the payment types as “Full”, “Partial” or “Both”. Accordingly, the payment options will be shown to the customers on the product description page of your website.

Shopify pre order plugin allows the merchant to select whether he/she wants to allow customers a single product or multiple products at checkout to pre-order. If you select the single product checkout option, the customer will be able to pre-order only one product at a time. With the pre-order option on Shopify, the customer will simply select a product & proceed to checkout to pre-order it.

If you configure the multi-product checkout, the customers will be able to add more than one product to the cart & proceed to pre-order more than one product at a time.

Highlighted Features

  • Shopify pre order plugin enables “Automatic PreOrder” option for the seller’s products.
  • Upcoming launches can be added as “Pre-Order Product”.
  • Set start and end date on pre-order option on Shopify.
  • Manage partial fulfillment for pre-order products using Shopify preorder controller.
  • Configure the storefront labels and email templates with ease.
  • Send email notifications once the product is back in stock.
  • Let customers view the complete pre-order details from their "My Account" section.
  • Pre-order option on Shopify offers multiple pre-order products to checkout for the customers.
  • Let customers preorder more than one product at a time using Shopify pre order plugin.
  • Auto-inject codes in one click.

Why Need Shopify PreOrder Plugin?

The Shopify preorder controller helps the merchant to create buzz and build momentum before a product launch. Most importantly, it facilitates the merchants to earn even before releasing the product. The Preorder Controller app helps the merchant to achieve this. Integrating the pre-order option on Shopify allows the customers to reserve their products in advance and make sales.

  • A smart way to sell "out of product" inventories: Know the demand for certain products even before launching them or putting them back in stock using Shopify preorder controller.
  • Raise store revenue before the product comes out: Shopify preorder controller guarantees the merchant a certain raise in revenue and makes parallel sales.
  • Great Marketing Strategy for Pre-released products: Generate a buzz about the upcoming launches on his store, whether on social media or by other advertising modes.

Advantages of Selling products on PreOrder

  • Amazing Marketing Strategy concerning Pre-released products: Setting products up for pre-order can be a smart tactic to introduce your brand & create a buzz in the market.
  • Manage “Out of Stock” inventories effortlessly: If a product is pre-ordered multiple times even if it is not in stock, one can estimate that the product would be in high demand once it gets back in stock.
  • A solution to unsold stocks: If you have unsold stocks in your store, Shopify preorder controller allow customers to pre-order them by supporting a partial payment option.
  • Boost store revenue before the product comes out: Get an outstanding way to earn from your online store even before getting the products live. This will help to lift the sales performance of your website.

Benefits of PreOrder Option on Shopify for Merchant

  • The merchant can add products for pre-order in a few clicks using Shopify pre order plugin.
  • Products that are about to launch can be added as “Pre-Order Products”.
  • The merchant can configure the payment type for the Preorder products from the app.
  • Set Partial as well as full payment type can be configured in the app and let customers select one at the tail of preorder.
  • You can choose whether you want to allow customers to pre-order a single product or multiple products at checkout.
  • Frontend labels can easily be configured via Shopify preorder controller app.
  • The merchant can configure availability of countdown timer on the preorder products in the app.
  • Moreover, the merchant can configure the quantity limit for customers to preorder a product.
  • Configure the time when you want to send the email to the customer once the preorder starts.
  • Select the customers to whom you wish to send the pre-order emails.
  • Same products can be preordered again from the customer "My Account" section.

Benefits of Shopify PreOrder for Customers

  • Offer the most simplified way for the customers to preorder "out of stock" products.
  • Let customers know the demanding products on your store.
  • Let the customers preorder the product again in one click.
  • Pre-order option on Shopify help customers to preorder more than one product at a time.
  • Partial payment option available for the customers for preorder.
  • Customers will receive the reminder email to pay the remaining amount in case of partial payment.

Complete Features

  • Sell products on preorder using pre-order option on Shopify
  • Add and auto-publish products for preorder.
  • Configure date and time for preorder.
  • Partial payment option available for customers to pay for preorder.
  • Manage preorder configurations including email templates.
  • Single as well as multi-product checkout available.
  • Send reminder emails to customers in case of partial payment.
  • Limit the product quantity allowed for preorder.
  • Allow customers to preorder more than one product at a time.
  • Show the "Pay Balance" button on the customer "My Account" page.
  • Send email to customers once the preorder ends on products.
  • Show preorder timer on the product as well as collection page.
  • Have a dedicated page to list all the pre-order products.
  • Integrated with the Multi-vendor Marketplace app.
  • Preorder is compatible with the Multi-vendor split cart and slot pricing feature apps.


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