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Magento 2 Virtual Try On for Glasses & Sunglasses
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Magento 2 Virtual Try-On enables online Try-On spectacles via webcam. his module will help the user to analyze how glasses or sunglasses will look on the user. This module helps the user to order online confidently and reduces the chances of returns.

In this module, the webcam plays an important role. It automatically adjusts the pupil distance and gives the best virtual experience to the user. Machine Learning and Face Recognition based complete 3D View personalization which is useful for any kind of glasses or sunglasses. Also helps the seller to upload products and in investment as no physical store is needed.


  • Compatible with the latest Magento version.
  • Advanced machine learning and facial recognition system.
  • Virtual try-on mirrors are useful for eyewear, glasses, and more products.
  • Source code open for customization development work.
  • Normal and dark theme options are available.
  • Download the images in groups/ separately.

In Which Ways Virtual Try-On Feature Helping Online Eyewear Industry?

Lenskart, Coolwinks, Titan, and much more are connecting with the customer using this technology. This technique allows the customer to visualize the eyewear collection before purchase. It helps in a better understanding of the desired style.

Additionally, it helps in adhering to the current contactless purchase of products. Thus, to encourage more of the online services that keep the customer engaged this extension is a one-stop way.

Personalized Eyewear Solution

Any eyewear collection must be experienced for size and details. This can be best tested in this extension and can even be seen for any customization if required.

  • Time-saving solution with fewer chances of errors in product choice.
  • Can get the product as per choice and requirement.
  • Glasses and sunglasses can be tried before purchase.

Realistic Approach via. Try-On Products

Real life-like experience before the purchase. The image model gives the idea to the customer of the final product in real-time. It removes the barrier of getting an idea of the product to be purchased.

  • Visualize The Glass Designs In 3D - This gives the details about the texture, material, and much more about the product. That would not be possible while reading the description of the product.
  • Online Glass Try On - This tool brings a revolution in the e-Commerce world wherein the customer can checkout with the product from anywhere and anytime.

Boost Sales with Virtual Try-On

Best suited for the seller as this module gives confidence to the customer and results in high sales. This virtually try-on feature acts as a representative of the online store without any huge investment.

  • Advancement in the Shopping Experience.
  • Customer trust incrementation.
  • Less bounce rate.
  • Increase the conversion.

Reduction in Return and Replacements

When customers will have an idea of the product before purchase then there are fewer chances of returns. The goal of any sale is only the conversion but producing the best quality must be as per the customer. This retains the customers and brings them back.

  • No loss due to the return of the product.
  • Encourage customer online shopping with clear detail of product appearance
  • No fitting issues as the size details are clear.

Face Recognition and Machine Learning Tool

Machine Learning and Face Recognition technology solved a lot of questions based on the product looks and appearance.

Before making a purchasing customer tried it and this result in reducing the return or cancels of the order.

  • This extension allows face recognition to the customer to add sunglasses or spectacles.
  • The webcam recognizes the face which allows personalization of the trial space.
  • This technique is the latest and can give a really advanced structure to the customer.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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based on 2 reviews
Mohammad Shabbir Hassan
Posted On - December 21, 2021
Perfect customer support
Perfect customer support is being provided by Webkul. They get the issue and explain it in simple terms.

They also suggest as per the customer's scenario.
Especially, I thank Anmol.

Best of luck

Best Regards,
Mohammad Shabbir Hasan
Milton Eduardo Oña Triana
Posted On - July 16, 2021
Great Product
Webkul es una excelente opción al momento de potenciar tu tienda virtual Magento, donde puedes utilizar módulos y extensiones muy útiles y prácticos. Totalmente recomendado.
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