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Shopware Auction: This module will enable the auction feature for your store by which admin can add auction in their special products and, the customer can bid on those products. Admin can update and delete the auction. Select a product to choose for auction sale and enable various types of auctions - incremental, reserved price, or automatic.

Highlighted Features

 Auction Types

The admin can add three types of auctions for the customers that are incremental, reserved, and automatic.

 Display Bidders And Their Prices

Admin can display the bidder's name along with their prices.

 Notifications alert

Enable the notification email for winning mail to the admin and customers.

 Auction Winner’s Name

The admin can view the name of the winner of the auction placed.

Why Need Auction Selling in Shopware Online Store?

Shopware Auction module offers a wide range of options to the admin. It allows the admin to sell your store products through online auctions. The bidding can be set as normal bidding or as incremental bidding.

The customers can also decide to auto-bid on their behalf which increments their bid according to the current placed bid for the auction.

Shopware Auction Setup

The store owner will do the setup of this module. Admin can use the Auction feature on any special product or while adding any new product. For using this feature to the current features, the admin will select the particular product and then edit it. Under the “Auction”, tab the admin can do the setting for applying auction.

  • Add an auction for that particular product by choosing Yes or No.
  • Enter the Auction product name, set minimum and maximum price for the auction.
  • Admin will set the time and date duration.
  • Admin can set Set Increment Price Ranges.

Managing Auction

In Shopware Auction Extension, there will be another option called “Auction Bids”, where the admin can see the Current Bidding and Auction History. Admin can see the Product name, “Auction start and end” date, and total bids.

Admin can also view the bidder details and can filter the bid by product name, date. In the Auction History, the admin can see the winner of the auction and their details like winning bid amount, name, and auction duration.

  • Admin can view current auctions and their details.
  • Filter the bid by product name, date.
  • Admin can view the winner of the Auction.

Automatic Auction

The Shopware Auction module supports the Automatic Auction. Admin can enable or disable the Automatic Auction option with automatic bidder details, price, bidders, outbid information. In Automatic Auction.

  • When a customer places an automatic bid with the maximum amount that you want to pay for the product.
  • The other bidders place bids according to the current high bid.
  • The bid will be placed till the bid reaches the reserve price or until it lapses.
  • If a different bidder places the equal maximum automatic bid or higher, then customers will be notified by mail, so that they can place another bid.
  • If the customer's maximum bid is not increased by another automatic bidder or current bid, then they will win the bid at the current bid.

Reserve Auction

In the Reserve Auction, any item which is on auction will be sold off just after its bidding amount exceeds or meets the Global Reserve Price, which will be set by the Store Admin. In the email notification option, the admin can allow email notification, enable email notification to the outbid buyer, and enable email notification to auto-bid buyer.

  • Admin will enter the Global Reserve Price for the Reserve Auction.
  • Any item will be sold off after its bidding amount exceeds or matches the Global Reserve Price.
  • Through email notification, the admin can enable email notification to the outbid buyer and auto bid buyer.

Increment Auction

The Shopware Auction Extension provides the Increment Auction. In the case of an Increment Auction, a bid will be increased each time. It is decided based on the current high bid.

In an incremental auction, if each bidder places a bid, then the current price will increase with incremental price. Like if you are the first bidder and place a bid of $40. Then current bid becomes $50 ($40 + $10 incremental price).

No one can set a bid of less than $50. The Increment bid is the amount by which a bid will be incremented each time the current bid is exceeded. An increment bid amount set will be done by the admin.

Email Notifications

Shopware Auction email Notify your customers on winning the bid by sending them a customized mail. Email notification to the winner will let him know that he earned that product on the amount he bid & now he can buy that product.

Through email notification, the admin can enable notification to the outbid buyer and auto bid buyer. The admin can set the following mail notifications:

  • Win mail to Admin
  • Win mail to Customer
  • Outbid Buyer
  • Auto bid to outbid customer

Auction on Product Page

In Shopware Auction Extension, after the setup from the back-end, the customers can check the auction feature on the products on which the admin has added the auction. There will be “Timer”, tabs for “Bid details” and “Bid List” and a box for entering the bidding amount.

For bidding, the user will do the login. Click on “Bid details”, where they will see info like total bids, minimum/maximum amount, closing time. In the “Bid List”, bidder details will come up.

  • Users can view info like total bids, minimum/maximum amount, closing time under “Bid List”.
  • Customers will see bidder's details under “Bid List”.
  • Users will see the timer on the product page.

Features List

  • The admin can add three types of auctions for the customers- incremental, reserved, and automatic.
  • The admin has the option to display the current bid.
  • Admin can display the bidders along with their prices.
  • All types of action will apply to a single product.
  • The customers can place an automatic auction.
  • The admin has the option to show bidder name, bid, and details under automatic bidding.
  • The admin/customers can see the auction bid list and automatic auction bid list.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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