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Opencart Zoho Connector: Building healthy customer relationships is an essential aspect of any business, especially online businesses. However, a large customer base also makes managing customer data a challenging task. For that, business entrepreneurs are inculcating effective tools such as Zoho CRM, which is a customer relationship management software, and a Cloud App that fetches data stored in the cloud.

Zoho OpenCart Integration facilitates the store admin to synchronize the store’s data such as customer, product, or orders with the Zoho CRM for smooth data management. With Zoho CRM the store owner can manually sync the data wherever there is an update. Also, the store owners can delete/ edit the products and customers manually on Zoho and even import or export products and customers from Zoho to the OpenCart Store.

Note - You can also view the details of this connector on the official website of Zoho Marketplace.

Highlighted Features

 Manually Sync Customer

The store owner can manually synchronize customers with Zoho CRM.

 Synchronizing Product and Order

The store’s products and orders can also be synchronized with the Zoho CRM by the admin.

 Customer/ Product/ Order Deletion

The customer, product, or order can be deleted manually by the store owner whenever required.

 Edit Product and Customers in Zoho

The store owner can also edit the products and customers.

Why do we need the Zoho OpenCart Integration?

Customers are the source of real sales revenue and moreover, they can take your business to heights and expose it to other customers as well. But this comes with a great responsibility for business entrepreneurs as they need to manage their customer's data effectively and in an organized way. Therefore, business merchants are incorporating various tools to manage such data Zoho CRM being one such tool.

Zoho OpenCart Integration allows the store admin to synchronize their store’s data such as customer, product, and orders with the Zoho CRM for organized data management. Where to store owners can manually sync the data to Zoho CRM as there is an update, it also, facilitates the store owners to delete/ edit the products and customers manually on Zoho. The store owners can import or export products and customers from Zoho to the OpenCart Store.

Retrieving Client Id and Secret Key

The admin will have to retrieve the Client Id and Secret Key that are essential for module integration purposes.

  • Initially, navigate to the Zoho account registration page.
  • After that, add details such as name, email, country, etc.
  • A confirmation email is sent on the entered email, that the user needs to verify.
  • Once verification is done, the user needs to add the company name and phone number.
  • This navigates the user to the Zoho CRM homepage.
  • Thereafter, the user navigates to the API console and choose Server-Based Applications.
  • Further, the user needs to enter the Client Name, Homepage URL, and Authorized Redirect URIs.
  • Then click on create, which gives the Client Id and Secret Key.

Incorporating Zoho CRM in the OpenCart stores

Once the admin receives the necessary keys, i.e. Client Id and Secret Key, the admin can configure the basic settings.

  • Set the status of the module as enabled.
  • Add the client id and the secret key in the required fields and save the settings.
  • A key icon becomes visible in saving the settings.
  • Thereafter, the admin must click on the key icon, which further opens up a sign in pop up.
  • The admin fills in the email id and password.
  • Choose a production account and accept and allow access to data.
  • This process provides the admin with access and refreshes tokens.

Menu Options for Zoho Connector

On enabling the module while setting the basic configurations, the Webkul Zoho connector Option becomes visible in the OpenCart Dashboard.

  • Webkul Zoho Connector menu option includes three sub-menu options.
  • These are- Configuration, Customer, Product, Order.
  • Under the Configuration sub-menu option, the admin can set the basic module settings.
  • The admin syncs the customers with Zoho by clicking on the Export Customer or Import Customers buttons under the Customer sub-menu option.
  • The admin syncs the store products with Zoho by simply clicking on the Export Product or Import Product buttons.
  • Further, the admin can only export the orders to Zoho by clicking on the Export Order button.

Synchronizing Customer, Product & Orders

Customer, Product, and Order are synchronized in Zoho CRM.

  • To check the customer sync view, the admin can navigate to the Contacts tab in the Zoho CRM dashboard.
  • Further in the Zoho CRM dashboard, one can navigate to the Products section for Product Sync View.
  • Moreover, one can even navigate to the Sales Order section to have a look at the Order Sync View.
  • Moreover, the admin can navigate to Sales > Orders in the admin panel and view the details of a respective order.
  • One can even view the complete details associated with a particular customer, product, or order.


  • The admin can manually sync customers with Zoho CRM.
  • The products can also be manually synced with the Zoho CRM.
  • Also, the admin can sync the orders to Zoho CRM.
  • Synchronized products, customers, and orders can be deleted manually by the admin from Zoho CRM.
  • Moreover, the admin can also edit the products and customers.
  • The admin can edit a product in Zoho CRM which is updated while importing in the OpenCart store.


For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here https://webkul.uvdesk.com/en/customer/create-ticket/

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