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Magento 2 AWS Load Balancing
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Magento 2 AWS Load Balancing: With Magento 2 AWS Load Balancing Plan, Migrate or set up your Magento eCommerce Store on AWS. Under this plan, we will consolidate the Application Load Balancer by which requests in all enabled Availability Zones will be load balanced and distributed uniformly across the instances. This effectively eases the burden on all web servers. Thus, this is a way to boost your eCommerce store's scalability. In short, take advantage of the AWS Cloud's instantaneous scalability with this plan.

Features Covered Under the Plan

  • SFTP
  • LAMP
  • PhpMyAdmin
  • SSH
  • SMTP Mail Integration
  • DNS Mapping
  • CDN Integration
  • Website Modification Report
  • SSL Integration
  • AWS Automatic Backup
  • Resource Monitoring Notification
  • Server Activity Monitoring
  • GitHub/BitBucket Integration
  • Application Load Balancing
  • Amazon Elasticache Redis for Cache and Session management
  • S3 integration for Magento 2
  • 1 Month Support Period


The SFTP allows you to transfer files over SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) using SSH version 2. After authentication, a connection is established between your local system and remote server so you can transfer your data files & directories. It also enables you to resume file transfer if any interruption occurs.

  • The SFTP protocol runs on a secure channel – no clear-text passwords or data files are transferred without encryption.
  • It is therefore much more difficult for an outsider to observe and collect passwords from a system using SSH/SFTP sessions.
  • The advantage of using SFTP protocol is that your data remains secure during the entire process of transmission.
  • SFTP solutions use high data encryption with public key advanced authentication for file access.
  • The authentication involves computer-generated keys – both ‘private’ (known to you) and ‘public’ (accessed by anyone), which work alongside each other.


LAMP stack is a popular open-source web platform commonly used to run dynamic web sites and servers. LAMP includes Linux, Apache, Mysql & PHP/Python/Perl and very popular platform for the development and deployment of the high-performance web application. With the help of the LAMP web platform you will get:

  • Full control over the server and its software.
  • Easily re-compile PHP or Apache for additional modules you require.
  • Easily upgrade software versions to the required or latest releases when you need it.
  • Better security as only required server daemons is running.


PhpMyAdmin is one of the most popular applications for MySQL database management. It is a free tool written in PHP. Through this software you can create, alter, drop, delete, import, and export MySQL database tables. You can run MySQL queries, optimize, repair, and check tables, change collation, and execute other database management commands. Basic features of PhpMyAdmin:

  • User-friendly web interface.
  • Support for most MySQL functions like browse, drop, create, copy and alter databases, tables, views, fields, and indexes, execute MySQL queries, manage stored procedures and functions.
  • Import data from CSV and SQL files.
  • Export data to various formats: CSV, SQL, XML, PDF, ISO/IEC 26300-OpenDocument Text and Spreadsheet, Word, Excel, LATEX, and others.
  • Searching globally in a database or a subset of it.
  • Web-Based which means you can access it from any computer. Local resources aren’t used when connecting


SSH stands for secure shell and it is used for providing encryption for network services like remote login or remote file transfers. It can also be used for a wide range of other services like secure remote command execution, keys and password authentication, access control, and port forwarding, etc. Some of the basic SSH features:

  • Secure Remote Command Execution
  • Secure File Transfer
  • Secure Remote Login
  • Port Forwarding
  • Keys And Agent

SMTP Mail Integration

As we know most E-commerce stores need specific mailing solutions to send emails to their clients, vendors, and other users but it's a very hectic task to integrate the mail settings within your E-commerce store.

For this, we need SMTP details of your email hosted on your domain or any other private email service provider which you want to configure within your eCommerce store.

DNS Mapping

In DNS Mapping, we will provide you the feature to map your website with your existing domain. DNS Mapping will help you and your customers to access your server easily and efficiently without knowing the IP of your existing server. We have to do multiple entries in the DNS Management Console like the mentioned below:

  • A record - To map your domain name with your server's public IP address.
  • Cname Entry - To map your existing domain with your server cname.
  • MX Entry - To map your existing mail server with your domain.
  • Nameserver Entry - To integrate with CDN or Firewall, etc.

CDN Integration

Content Delivery Network is a Distributed Server network that provides the content to an end-user according to the user's geographic location. Whenever someone visits a site, they serve information from the nearest CDN area. That basically loads the web page faster and offers high performance. We have two CDN options in our CDN Integration service that are as follows:

Cloudflare CDN

  • Cloudflare caches your static file (CSS, JS, Images) and serves it from the nearest location.
  • Cloudflare provides the best CDN solution which helps you to manage your DNS entries and protect your web application from various web attacks.
  • Cloudflare provides a WAF(Web Application Firewall) to protect your application from daily hacking attacks.

Amazon Cloudfront CDN

  • Cloudfront is a CDN service provided by AWS. It integrates with other Amazon web services products and helps you to cache your content on AWS Regions and Availability zones.
  • It caches all your website static data like images, JS, CSS on its Network, and then you can access these static data direct from AWS CDN rather than accessing your own Server

Website Modification Report

We provide a special add-on script in your Linux Server which helps you to detect the hacking attacks on your application end. Most of the firewalls either work on Port or on IP address and protect the Network traffic accordingly but Our script detects all the modifications throughout the code of your application and notify the concerned person at right time. Our Script provides various features to developers and System Engineers which are as follows:

  • Modification Detection: It detects the modification in your code throughout the application either modified by a developer or a hacker.
  • Automatic Notification: You can select the time frame for your automatic notification either on its daily, hourly, or weekly basis.
  • Detailed File Stamp: It also provides you all the File Stamp details like the name of the modified file, location of the modified file, timestamp of the modified file, size of the modified file, etc.

It helps you to detect the issues within your application and protect your server after the attack of any malicious code.

SSL Integration

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. It is a transport layer protocol that is used to establish a secure connection between server and client. When you visit an SSL integrated website the connection between your browser and the website is secure. The transmitted data are all in encrypted form.

For online transactions, secure logins, establishing a secure session, secure data transfer & secure database connection, and more are some of the reasons why SSL integration is needed. We will help you to integrate your website with SSL in two ways which are as follows-:

  • Installing your pre-existing SSL certificates on your server.
  • Integrating SSL on your website with the Help of Cloudflare (only if you choose Cloudflare CDN).

AWS Automatic Backup

Because data is the heart of the enterprise, it’s crucial for you to protect it. And to protect your organization’s data, you need to implement a data backup and recovery plan for all the servers. So, we implement AWS EC2 and RDS Backup which will create a snapshot of both EC2 instances and RDS instance every 24 hours.

You can back up the data on your EBS volumes by simply creating a snapshot of it. EBS Active snapshots contain all of the information needed to restore your data (from the time the snapshot was taken) to a new EBS volume. Key Features of AWS EBS snapshots for data backup:

  • Automated Backups
  • Point-in-time recovery
  • Easy Migration
  • Disaster recovery
  • Testing & Development

Resource Monitoring Notification

Server Resources like CPU, RAM, Disk Space, Load Average, etc. are very critical components for any kind of Server either its web server or database server because they are the basic components for the execution and processing. If there will be an issue with the server resources it will directly affect the performance and efficiency of your application.

  • We will provide you the real-time notifications regarding your server resources.
  • We will set up a threshold limit on each and every resource as per the standard and automate the monitoring part which helps you to detect the issue and provide you the real-time experience to troubleshoot or overcome the main cause of the issue.

GitHub/BitBucket Integration

GitHub is a platform where the world develops software. GitHub/BitBucket provides a cloud-based Git hosting service for the server. The integration helps you to access your Magento eCommerce Cloud environments directly from your GitHub repository.

The integration handles and synchronizes the content already in GitHub with Magento eCommerce. Therefore, It’s a version control framework that facilitates distributed, non-linear workflows through quality development of software.

Application Load Balancing

A load balancer is a separate server that functions as a reverse proxy and directs incoming user traffic to one or multiple servers connected to the load balancer so that the services won't be disrupted at the time of heavy traffic. We use the AWS load balancer which forwards the traffic across multiple targets (say EC2 instances) depending upon their availability. Therefore, It can easily handle the load of the application traffic across single or multiple availability zones. This effectively eases the burden on all web servers.

Amazon Elasticache Redis for Cache and Session management

Amazon Elasticache works as an in-memory data store and cache to support the most demanding applications requiring submillisecond response times using Redis. Amazon ElastiCache offers fully managed Redis for your most demanding applications that require sub-millisecond response times. Therefore, the management of cache and sessions in Redis will provide a substantial performance boost.

  • Redis for Cache: To quickly display the categories, products, and CMS pages, Magento uses full-page caching on the server. Full-page caching improves response time and decreases server loading. Without caching, each page would need to run code blocks and to fetch information from the database. However, if full-page caching is enabled, it is possible to read a fully created page straight from the cache. We will use Redis for both the default and full-page cache. We must specify the database number of one of the caches; the other cache uses 0 by default.
  • Redis for Session management: Sessions contribute greatly to the enhancement of the user experience and lead to gathering valuable user visit statistics. The session is basically the storage of interactional information on the server-side and is retained throughout the user interaction. Since Magento is an e-commerce platform, so it offers multiple sessions to store customer data throughout the user interaction with the website or application. We will use Redis to store user sessions. Due to its in-memory data structure as well as data persistent nature, Redis is a perfect choice for this use case.

S3 integration for Magento2

Amazon S3 (Simple Secure Storage) is a cloud storage service offered by AWS (Amazon Web Services). Using the module, the store admin can upload downloadable products, media files, product content, images of all Magento 2 product types from their local disk to the Amazon S3 server. Also, it uses the CloudFront for serving the content CloudFront URL.

Amazon S3 Extension for Magento2 - This is the additional module you will need to purchase separately in addition to this module. Pricing for these modules is not included in this plan. Kindly check out the pricing and features by using the link.

Support Period

After the completion of Server Setup, we will provide a support period of 1 Month to the customer so that he or she can check and ensure the configuration. Our Support Period includes the SLA of around 12 to 24 hours and covers only issues regarding the Server Setup and Configuration (Issues regarding third-party applications or modules are not included in this support). Mode of Communication is Ticket and Email.


  • Issues regarding third-party applications or modules are not included in this support.
  • The mode of Communication is Ticket and Email.
  • Load balancing mentioned in this plan will not work efficiently without the module Amazon S3 Extension for Magento2. Therefore, to ensure the applicability of the feature, you will need to purchase Amazon S3 Extension for Magento2 separately in addition to this module. Pricing for these modules is not included in this plan. Kindly check out the pricing and features by using the link.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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Posted On - November 25, 2021
Webkul's service is very high quality.
Webkul has very high quality plug-ins and services,AWS load balancing one of them. If you have any problems, the support team helps immediately.We use more than 10 Webkul plugins in our system.

Rachid Mohamed Elbaji
Posted On - January 8, 2021
Professional Support!
Support service is Professional...the webkul team help us to fixed all issue that we received.
We are happy to work with this professionel team.
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