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In today’s world customers are becoming brand-centric day by day making it difficult for non-brands to compete with the brands. Furthermore, a brand is critical in distinguishing a firm or product from its competitors.

This Adobe Commerce module should also allow sellers to maintain and establish brands, with the admin having the authority to approve or reject brands generated by sellers. Magento 2 Shop By Brand lets you create your brand and also allows sellers to create their brand.

Highlighted Features

 Sell as brand features

To designate the products in the subcategory, the admin can easily create a new category as the brand.

 The Brand View Layout

The admin has control over how it appears in the front end.

 Add brand filter

In the front end, the admin can add a filter to choose products based on brand.

 Dedicated Page for Each Brand

Customers will be able to visit a specific page dedicated to their favorite brand. Because it will be easier for customers to purchase by brand.

Why integrate Adobe Commerce Shop by Brands?

Nowadays customers are ready to pay more money for branded products than for non-branded ones. And obviously, most of the customers always look for the products according to the brands. So, It became an important part of the e-commerce platform to have a feature where customers can find the product according to their favorite brand.

The first impression of the products decides whether the customer is going to buy the products or not. Let’s suppose if the customer goes to purchase the product and they get the options to see both the products branded and non-branded ones.

But before trying the products they will always have more confidence over the branded products because of the Name, Images, and Description of the brand. Just this brand name and description gave a good impression of the product. So, their first thought will always be to purchase the branded product against the non-branded ones.

Manage All Brands Using Magento 2 Shop by Brands

The ability to shop by the brand has become an essential feature of every eCommerce firm, allowing customers to browse and filter products by brand, as most people today prefer to buy branded products over non-branded ones.

  • The admin can view and manage all the brands in the store.
  • The admin can add a new brand.
  • Admin can decide which layout of the brand should be visible in the frontend.
  • The admin can set the image and content of the brand.
  • The admin can set the priority of the brand to be visible in order.

Basic Setup Options for Brands

For both customers and eCommerce store owners, the brand attribute has become increasingly significant. And the admin can customize this according to their preferences. As a result, customers will find the shop-by-brand experience more appealing.

  • Here admin can set the place where the brand needs to be visible.
  • The admin can set if the widget is required or not in the front end.
  • The admin can set for the specific brand page.
  • Admin can set the layout of the widget.

Cover Images and Logo

The cover image and logo image play an important role in describing the brand and making the product more likable by the customer.

  • The admin can set the logo of the brand
  • The admin can set the content of the brand.
  • Admin can set the cover image of the logo.
  • The admin can set if they need the brand page to be searchable through search engines.
  • The admin can set whether to display the brand images and logo on the brand page or not.

Display Brands Using Magento 2 Shop by Brands

Customers need to have a specific page where they will be able to see the products by brand in this case it will be easier for customers to check all the products according to the brands in case they go to the shop by brand page.

  • The customer can purchase the product brand-wise
  • The customer search for the products with a Brand filter
  • Customer can have a specific individual brand page


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