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QloApps Auto-fill Address Form- If you find filling every detail tiresome, then here is good news for you. Especially when users are using mobile phones, typing details is frustrating. In QloApps we have introduced the Auto-fill Address Form module. It allows both admin and customer to fill out address details with the help of selecting any one of three functionalities. These functionalities include selecting a location from suggestions, pinpointing the location on Google Map, automatically detecting location with the help of the “locate me” button. These functionalities provide a seamless experience to customers and admin because they will spend less time in filling fields.

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Highlighted Features

 Auto-Fill The Address From

This module allows you to fill in the details automatically.

 Auto-Detect The Location

Fill in the address data by detecting the user's location automatically.

 Show Address Suggestions

Displays relevant suggestions for addresses retrieved from the Places library of JavaScript API depending on the search text entered.

 Google Maps

Admin or customer will pinpoint the location on the map to fill in the address details.

QloApps Auto-fill Address Form Features -

  • Set the default zoom level to display Google Maps.
  • Enable or disable address suggestions on the back-end as well as front-end.
  • Choose to enable or disable the auto-detection of location(address).
  • Show or hide the Google Maps for address selection.
  • Enable or disable the automatic filling of the city, state country, and zip-code based on the location.
  • To fill out the address details, pinpoint the location on Google Maps.
  • Generate API keys to use these functionalities of the module.

Auto-detection of location

If you want to tailor the experience of your users as they browse your website, detecting the location of the user can be very helpful. We are using the Geolocation API which is a very popular method to detect a user's location. After request, Geolocation API returns a customer location based on information about search towers and WiFi nodes that the user device can locate. Then the address will be filled in automatically by detecting the location.

Pinpointing Google Maps

To fill the address user can pinpoint the location on the Google Map. For this search the location on the map and select the desired location by clicking on it. The already saved Google address of that place will be displayed so use that address by clicking on use this address.

Address suggestion

Users can also fill in the address details by using address suggestions. In this, the user has to fill in the initials of address in the search space. And the available results will be displayed. The user has to select an address out of the available results and the details will be filled in automatically.


By concentrating on the quality of forms and the experience it is providing to its users, your business can easily generate conversions. Automatic filling of forms will easily do this job. As they will provide various benefits-:

  • Automatic complete the details of users on their behalf.
  • Increase the speed of filling forms and save time.
  • It eliminates or reduces the chances of error.
  • Faster check-out process.

QloApps Auto-fill Address Form Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

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