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This Adobe Commerce module allows the store owner to create and send unlimited pop-up notifications for the ecommerce store. These pop-ups can be used for marketing purposes or to create awareness about new or popular products. The admin can create templates for creating different types of pop-ups and can select a particular template as per the popup requirement.

This module also enables the admin to set the start and end date of the pop-up visibility to the customers. The admin can even select the display device, the page at which the pop-up will appear its position and a suitable entry and exit animation type for the pop-up. Moreover, the admin can even view the pop-up data and reports based on customer interaction.

Highlighted Features

 Different types of Popups

Admin can create multiple popups as per the requirement like Yes/no, video, newsletter, offer follow-up, Cookies, edit/delete, and many more.

 Multiple templates

Multiple templates are available which will use while creating the template and also creating new ones as per the requirement.

 Popup settings

Admin can set the popup time duration, alignment, template, font, style, and colors, etc.

 Page builder settings

Advance and old page builders will use for template creation based on the user’s requirements.

Why Need Pop-up Builder in your Magento 2 Store?

As a store owner or even as a user you must have realized that no one can notice every information that is present in your store. But if there is some critical information like some new product launch, a newsletter subscription, end of the duration of a trial, services, or some kind of reminder.

 Then you are much destined to be losing your customer as you are not able to convey important information either promote your campaigns effectively.

With the use of this module, the store owners can create pop-ups to display on different pages of their store which helps the admin to put forward their promotional pop-ups, and also even the customer doesn’t have to go through endless navigation since a pop-up grab their attention quickly more than anything.

Utilize Features to Build Effective Ecommerce Pop-ups

Using different templates, layout, title, positioning, and input buttons get the user to perform the desired action using pop-ups. The store owners can use pop-ups for various purposes.

  • Pop-ups with informational alerts like free shipping, price drops, can be used to notify customers about such things.
  • Redirect page pop-ups will take the customers to a different product or webpage based on their selection.
  • The store owners can use Yes/No pop-ups to redirect customers to an affiliate product page or to any URL the admin has set.
  • Using the follow us pop-up the admin can gain user traction over various social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Youtube.

Create Multiple Templates to Customize Ecommerce Pop-ups

The admin can create multiple pop-ups and enable/disable them.

  • The admin can add new pop-ups and edit the created pop-ups.
  • The store admins can select the customer group for which they require the pop-up to be visible.
  • The admin can give a suitable pop-up name and set a start and end date of the pop-up.
  • The admin can create templates to design the layout of the pop-ups.
  • The admin has the option to set the means of closing a pop-up by clicking outside or using the escape button.

Analyze Pop-up Data Reports to Know Customers' Interactions

Based on the customer actions over pop-ups a pop-up data is recorded.

  • The admin can fetch pop-up data as per user interaction over a specific pop-up.
  • The name of the pop-up and its relevant data is recorded.
  • The admin is facilitated with a detailed report of the pop-up which gives them the number of views and clicks of the pop-up.
  • The admin has an estimate about the customers average duration of viewing the pop-up.
  • These reports help store owners improvise their sales conversion.

Leverage from Cookies Popup

Cookies help improves the browsing experience of customers in any e-commerce website by keeping them logged in and retrieving important information from the server helping in a seamless shopping experience.

  • Using the cookie-based popups help store-owners retarget campaigns for your site’s traffic.
  • Using the data you have about your customers can be used for product recommendations based on customer previous purchases a custom campaign pop-ups for repeat customers. The admin can enter a heading and its description for the cookies pop-up.
  • For the Yes button the admin can give a redirect URL and its title.
  • The admin can add on the close button by enabling it and entering a URL and title for the same.
  • The admin can upload a background image for the cookies pop-up.


  • The admin can create multiple templates for creating the pop-ups.
  • The admin can add HTML and CSS for the pop-up template.
  • The admin can edit and create a popup enter its heading, description and select its layout.
  • The admin can set the duration by selecting the start and end date for a pop-up.
  • The admin can select the popup position.
  • The admin can select the pages for which the pop-up will work and when it will appear.
  • The admin can enable the close pop up when clicked outside of the box or close pop-up when clicking on the ESC button.
  • The admin can set the alignment of the pop-up element.
  • A report of the customer actions over pop-up with the number of clicks and views is recorded.
  • The pop-up data helps the admin to know about customer inputs on a specific pop-up.
  • The admin can select the pop-up animation entrance and exit.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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Rooq Saeed
Posted On - April 20, 2021
I appreciate every minute of work on my site application.
I appreciate every minute of work on my site application. I thank you for your patience and kindness in dealing.Without any hesitation or thinking, you are the company that decided to work on my store application that works on the Magento system.Because you are experts in this platform.
I satisfied with your work very much I liked it
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