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Opencart Sunsky Connector: Using the module the store admin can import products by providing the product codes, each specification like the different size, colour etc of the same product is added as a unique product. The list of orders for Sunsky imported products and their status can be seen by the admin. The store admin can specify the amount type and amount of the pricing rule created using the available channel types Sunsky or Manual.

To apply price over an imported product the rate can be set using the various mathematical operators to increment, decrement, or multiply the price with the amount with the help of price rules. Further, the admin can import products in bulk by uploading a CSV file or entering the product code for all the products switch to import multiple products.

Highlighted Features

 Import Multiple Products

The store admin can add multiple products from the Sunsky online store to theirs and increase their revenue.

 Edit & Upload Sample CSV File

To import the products edit and upload the sample CSV file.

 Add Price Rules

Create price rules and use them for the imported products from the Sunsky online store.

 Check Sunsky Online Orders

The store admin can view the list of orders placed for the Sunsky imported products.

Why Integrate the Sunsky-Connector in your Opencart Store?

The store owners often face problems while managing stock for the products that they can sell on their online store. The Sunsky connector helps the admin to import as many products from the Sunsky store to their store with minimum steps.

Moreover, the Sunsky store contains almost all kinds of products so there is a vast range of product options available for the store owners that they wish to offer their customers. The store admin can import products in bulk by uploading a CSV file or entering the product code for all the products.

Import Products From Sunsky Online Store

The store admin can product from the Sunsky online store to their store.

  • The Sunsky connector module helps easily feature those products imported from Sunsky online store to your store.
  • All the product details that include images, description, and price are imported as it is.
  • The store owners can import products simply using the item number of the product.
  • The module imports all the product variants with respect to the size, color e.t.c of a product as a uniquely different product.

Add Multiple Products at Once

To assist the store admin in consistently adding the required product they are provided options to import products in bulk.

  • The admin can import products in bulk by adding multiple product codes at once.
  • The store admin can also add single products at a time using the switch to import single products.
  • To even reduce the number of steps for importing a huge number of products upload a CSV file.
  • The store admin can download a sample CSV file for mass import products.
  • The newly imported products are reflected in the list instantly and can be searched easily using product code, name, and status filters.

Apply Manual/Sunsky Pricing Rule

The store owners can set up pricing rules based on their requirements using the module.

  • The store owners can create new price rules of their own for this they may simply give a name to the pricing rule.
  • The pricing rules can be added using two existing channels i.e Manual & Sunsky.
  • The store admin has the advantage to set a rate and use the (+,*,-) operators to increment, decrement, or multiply the price with the amount.
  • Amount type can be set as fixed or in the form of percentage while creating a pricing rule.

Fetch Sunsky Online Order List

The store admin can find all the orders placed that include Sunsky imported products in one place.

  • Date added/updated details help identify when exactly the order was placed.
  • The store admin can distinguish all the orders for Sunsky imported products as these are included only in this dedicated order list.
  • The store admin can check the order status from here.
  • Further, the store admin can filter the order using filters like order status, customer name, total, and date.


  • It helps you to import your products from the Sunsky marketplace into your Opencart store
  • Import all products with a single click.
  • Import Simple as well as Configurable Products.
  • Can create price rules for the Sunsky products
  • Can set the price range for the price rules. Price rules will be applied to the given price range of Sunsky products.


For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here https://webkul.uvdesk.com/en/customer/create-ticket/

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Ajwad Taqvi
Posted On - January 19, 2022
Great Chat support
Great support service, the chat agent guided properly and gave a discount of $30 as store credit.
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