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Akeneo CSV Import Module: The users can upload product information to Akeneo using this connector by importing product data from a customized CSV file. Product information, as well as catalog elements like families, categories, and characteristics, can be imported.

The users can map Akeneo fields to the CSV fields (columns) that will be produced with the extension.

For the Akeneo installation, your Akeneo server should meet these system requirements.

Highlighted Features

 CSV Field Mapping For Akeneo

The users can map their eCommerce store field and other Akeneo modules through the CSV connection.

 Mapping for Variable Products

This module allows users to build mappings for variant fields.

 Import Product and Product Variants

Users can import products and product variations from a CSV file using this module.

 Templates in a variety of formats

Users can develop several templates for various stores, such as Magento 2, Shopify, and WooCommerce.

What is the need for Akeneo Custom CSV Import Connector?

The majority of eCommerce businesses back up their data using CSV files. It's incredibly easy to import and export data to and from your eCommerce website.

The majority of the time, they are confronted with the challenge of storing increasingly complicated data as well as setup issues. 

The users can now configure the setup of the product attribute mapping in Akeneo and import the products simply into a CSV file using the Akeneo Custom CSV Import module.

For the variant goods, the users may build the mapping product data, such as attributes, categories, and pictures may also be Imported.

Import Products and Product Variants

With the aid of a CSV file, the admin may import the products and product models in Akeneo.

  • The users may import the product and product variations in Akeneo to CSV files with this module.
  • Product and product variation mappings can also be created by the users.
  • The users can import multiple images.

Filter the product information in Akeneo Custom CSV Import

The users can use data filtration to remove information that isn't absolutely necessary and can use channel, currency, and locales to filter the product data as needed.

  • Channels — Akeneo allows the users to establish their own channels. To import the product from a CSV file, pick the channel (E-commerce, Mobile App, and ERP).
  • Locales — To import the product from a CSV file, the users may choose from a variety of locales such as English, German, and France.
  • Currency — This module allows the users to filter currencies (USD, EURO) and import them in Akeneo.

Mapping Template

A product attribute is a characteristic of the product that gives additional information. Size and description, color, weight, and price are examples of product attributes.

  • The user store attribute ID can be mapped to the Akeneo Custom CSV Import connector ID.
  • Product and product variation mappings can also be created by the users.
  • The users can create new attributes as needed.

CSV Template

  • In Akeneo Custom CSV Import, the users may design several templates for various stores, such as Magento, Shopify, etc.
  • By selecting the store in an Import profile, the users may import data to that specific store.
  • In order to create a new template, the users must first give it a name and import data using these templates.

Akeneo 7.0.x Compatible -

  • In Akeneo Version 7, SKU is no longer mandatory to create a product and now UUID is the new product identifier. (CE, EE).
  • Smoother mapping and faster importing. (CE, EE).
  • Tailored export can help to improve the readability of your product information export by defining rounding operations for measurement values. (EE)
  • In Akeneo Version 7, you can now map columns in your source data to additional attribute types. (EE)
  • Tailored imports help you to clean up your HTML Characters (EE).
  • Using Tailored imports, we can find and replace specific words in Text and Text Area Attributes. (EE).
  • Now we are creating a table attribute you can take advantage of measurement. (EE).
  • Now we can use reference entities as a column type in the table attribute(EE).


For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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