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QloApps Google Translate - QloApps Google Translate is an add-on that will translate your QloApps website in minutes with the use of Google Translator. Earlier, for editing translation, you have to open the fieldset which you want to translate and edit the content one by one. Thus, it turns out to be hectic and time-consuming.

But this module is the perfect solution for the same. It helps you to translate the content of the website into various languages at once. Hence, making your website multilingual and reaching international markets easily.

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Highlighted Features

 Multiple languages

The admin can translate the content into different languages. For instance, Spanish, Russian, French, Portuguese, and more.

 Front and Back-office

Admin can translate both the front office and the back office of the website.

 Quick Translation

Using this module admin can translate all the installed modules in a few minutes.

 Google Translator

Translate multiple contents of a page with the help of Google Translator. It removes complexity and makes the translation process simple and easy.

QloApps Google Translate Features -

  • Easily translate the contents of the page.
  • Use Google Translate to translate the website in any of the desired languages.
  • Admin can translate Front office translations and Back office translations
  • He or She can also translate Error message translations.
  • Admin can translate Field name translations.
  • Admin can translate all the Installed modules.
  • He or She can translate PDF and Email templates.
  • Apart from the type of translation, select theme and language to modify translations.

Module Configuration

It is simple to configure the module. Admin has to enable or disable the following options in Google Configuration:

  • Show widget at the back office: Enable the option to show a widget at the back office.
  • Show widget at the front office: Enable it to show a widget at the front office of the website.
  • Use Google Translator for translations: Select “Yes” to allow the “Google Translate widget” to translate your website.
  • Save translations automatically: Enable it, to automatically save translations. Thus, you are not required to repeat the process of translating the website for the same language.

Different Types of translation

  • Front Office translations: It translates the fields of the front office of your website. It is visible to your customers.
  • Back Office translations: It translates the fields at the back office of your website. It is visible to you and your hotel staff.
  • Error message translations: To show your error messages in your words.
  • Fields Names translations: Select it to translate the field names at both the front and back ends.
  • Installed Module translations: It is used to translate the fields in the modules you have installed. Only installed modules will be available in this field.
  • PDF translations: You may use this field to translate the fields in Pdf generated on your website, such as invoices.
  • Email template translations. It is used to translate the e-mails templates that are sent from your website.

Benefit for business

  • It will make your brand stand out from your competitors. Hence, you will have a competitive advantage over others.
  • A larger number of people are interested in viewing websites in their native language. Hence, it will reach a wider audience.
  • Attracting new audiences will increase bookings from the website.
  • It removes the language barrier. Ultimately, it increases customer confidence in your brand.
  • It also improves the chances of getting a higher rank on search engine result pages.

QloApps Google Translate Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

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