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QloApps Hotek Smart Lock Connector - Smart Lock is an innovation that will revolutionize the way your guests will interact with your hotel. They improve the guest experience by decreasing touchpoints and improving security.

Smart Locks are the perfect way for hotels to keep up with the pad ov technological advancements. So forget the conventional method of door keys and upgrade with the help of QloApps Hotek Smart Lock Connector

Hotek is a smart lock provider know for its innovations in door lock technology.

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Highlighted Features

 Improved Hotel Security

With Smart Keys, your hotel has better security. The key will be valid only for the guest's stay. For a new booking new key will be generated.

 Cron for Key Emails

You do not have to send the keys manually. The cron job will send out the emails automatically for you.

 Decide when to send the key

Admin can decide how many days before the check-in dates he wants to send the key.

 Decide on which order status you want to send the keys

Admin can decide on which order status he want to send the keys. For example, he can only send the keys when the order status is payment excepted.

QloApps Hotek Smart Lock Connector Features -

  • Increase your hotel security with Hotek Smart locks.
  • Decrease guest pain points and ensure an easy check-in.
  • Reduce the workload from your staff.
  • Enable guest entry through the digital smart key.
  • Send emails to your hotel website for Smart key details.
  • Decide how many days before the customer you want to send the keys to the customer.
  • Choose on which Order Status the key will be generated.
  • Select if you want to send the Hotek email template or QloApps email template to the guest.
  • Automate the email sending process with the help of Cron.

Benefits of Smart Lock

Smart Locks are becoming a requisite for new era hotel businesses. They come with multiple benefits some of which are:

  • Improved Staff Efficiency
  • Better Guest Experience
  • Better Security
  • Touch-less Entry
  • Easy Check-Ins

Admin can generate Keys bypassing all the conditions

Once there is an order placed in your system, you will have the smart key details in order details. You can see if the key is generated or not, if not then you can click on generate key button to manually generate the key bypassing all the conditions of order status and check-in dates.

Smart Key Email template

The admin can decide of he wants to send the QloApps email template to the user or Hotek Smart Key template for sending the key details.

QloApps Hotek Smart Lock Connector Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

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