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PrestaShop eBay Connector | Import/Export eBay Products
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PrestaShop eBay Connector: The module offers store owners to import/export products from/to eBay. Additionally, it also offers to import orders from eBay to PrestaShop.

Mapping settings like category, payment & shipping mapping helps to map these entities of Prestashop with the same entities of eBay. It helps to ensure that after import or export of products or orders, they are associated with the desired category, payment etc.

The module also offers real-time synchronization settings. This helps to ensure that the product details remain updated on both ends. For example: if an exported product gets sold on eBay, then the quantity must update on PrestaShop.

Highlighted Features

 Import/Export Products

Import products from eBay to PrestaShop as well as export products from PrestaShop to eBay.

 Real-Time Synchronization

Keep orders & product quantity updated on PrestaShop & eBay with real-time synchronization.

 Import Orders

Import eBay orders to PrestaShop.

 Test/Live Mode

Choose to use the module either in sandbox mode or live mode.

PrestaShop eBay Connector Features

  • Import only fixed price eBay items to PrestaShop.
  • Import eBay orders to PrestaShop but vice versa is not possible.
  • If new products are added on eBay after synchronization of eBay products to PrestaShop, you can update synchronization, only new products will add after update sync.
  • Add PrestaShop products to eBay.
  • You can manually map eBay products to PrestaShop if your products are available on both eBay and PrestaShop.
  • Quantity will update on PrestaShop when the product revises on eBay.
  • When product quantity update on PrestaShop either by editing product or after order product, it will update to eBay.
  • Quantity will update on PrestaShop when the item is sold on eBay.
  • eBay orders will be added in PrestaShop every hour using cron job depends on admin.
  • Link to view eBay item page in PrestaShop after import item in PrestaShop.
  • CRON URL to update PrestaShop item from eBay.
  • Synch from PrestaShop to eBay OR eBay to PrestaShop without changing Case in module configuration.
  • Revise every single item from PrestaShop to eBay (limited) OR eBay to PrestaShop.
  • Enable or disable the real-time synchronization.
  • Enable or disable the real-time synchronization of eBay products on PrestaShop.
  • Choose to enable or disable the real-time synchronization of product quantity on PrestaShop or item order on eBay.
  • Enable or disable the real-time synchronization of eBay orders on PrestaShop.
  • Enable or disable the real-time synchronization of PrestaShop product quantity on eBay.
  • Admin can increase or decrease the price of PrestaShop products on eBay.
  • An admin can select either PrestaShop full or short description will display on eBay while adding items from PrestaShop to eBay.
  • Admin can configure the setting for eBay store categories.
  • An admin can import eBay products using either eBay default category or eBay custom category.
  • Import eBay products assigned to the “other” category on the eBay store using either the “other” category or eBay default category.
  • Update quantity/price PrestaShop to eBay with variation products.
  • Update tracking number to eBay when tracking number updated in PrestaShop.
  • Added EAN number on eBay for variation products.

Prestashop eBay Connector Merchant Benefits

This module is very beneficial for merchants who have an eCommerce site on eBay as well as on PrestaShop. Orders can be easily managed at both ends (eBay and PrestaShop both), as this module synchronizes eBay orders to PrestaShop in real-time. This module also provides bi-directional sync of inventory in real-time this will let your eBay and Prestashop inventory be the same at all times.

eBay Customer Category

We can categorize customers using the eBay connector in three cases. So you need to choose from the following cases, as to how you can use this module.

  • Case 1: (eBay to Prestashop) You have a shop on eBay and have a blank Prestashop (No products, No category) and you want to import all eBay Products to PrestaShop.
  • Case 2: (eBay to Prestashop) You have a shop on eBay and also have a running shop on Prestashop and you want to import all eBay Products to PrestaShop.
  • Case 3: (Prestashop to eBay) You have a blank shop on eBay and have a running shop on Prestashop and you want to add all or selected Prestashop products to eBay.

Bidirectional Product Sync

Product sync is possible at both ends ie, on eBay as well as on PrestaShop. The products will sync from eBay to PrestaShop when products are added to eBay. Also when any of the product gets added to PrestaShop is synced to eBay.

Real-Time Order Sync

  • The orders from eBay are updated to PrestaShop in real-time and the inventory is managed at both ends.
  • The orders can also be managed from PrestaShop to eBay with the cron jobs on an hourly basis.
  • The order sync will help you manage all your orders at one end.

Real-Time Inventory Sync -

  • When order or any product is updated, then the inventory synchronizes from eBay to PrestaShop.
  • When there is any product update on PrestaShop, the inventory is synced at eBay too.
  • In few cases, when there is no trigger then the update gets delayed and is completed with cron jobs on an hourly basis.

Prestashop eBay Connector Support

For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

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based on 6 reviews
Posted On - March 26, 2020
Excellent service
Excellent after sales service, I asked two customization, immediately made
Posted On - January 29, 2020
Ottimo plugin
Ottimo plugin per ebay, anche se alcune cose erano da ottimizzare, lo sviluppatore si è mostrato molto disponibile a risolvere prontamente i problemi riscontrati.
www.morrowtire.com/ (US)
Posted On - February 28, 2019
Excellent module and time saver
Module was the solution to linking my ebay store and a prestashop store. Provides real time two way sync. Developer customized the module for me as requested for a nominal fee. A real time saver! A simple cron task now keeps my ebay store and prestashop store inventory quantities and listings synced and prevent oversellings.
www.autoteile-to-go.de/ (DE)
Posted On - September 12, 2017
I would recommend this product.
This is the only module which works how I want. I just wanted to synchronize my products from ebay to Prestashop and from Prestashop to ebay automatically. Quantity, Categorie, Price, Pictures and so on works without a problem. The developer also adds functions that i wanted extra. Great Support!! Greetings www.autoteile-to-go.de
Sab khatri
www.bulldogappliances.com/ (GB)
Posted On - August 14, 2017
Excellent Product
This is an excellent products, it has saved a massive amount of time and money which would had had to be spent manually adding each product to ebay. The developer is also extremely knowledgeable and responds quickly which all the questions we have had. They have also customised the module for our unique way of working which has be absolutely fantastic. Highly recommended. Will purchase again for our next project / venture. Thanks
Roman Sellherr
schuhdis.de/ (DE)
Posted On - December 30, 2016
I would recommend this product.
Die Installation ist für meine Kenntnisse etwas komplex, bzw. meine Kenntnisse waren nicht ausreichend. Aber der Support ist super, hat immer schnell reagiert und ist sehr geduldig ;-) Kann man auf jeden Fall weiterempfehlen.
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