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QloApps 1-Click Upgrade - QloApps 1- Click Upgrade is an useful add-on for hoteliers. Using this add-on, they can upgrade QloApps older version to its latest 1.6.x

  • With changing industry scenarios and community needs, it is essential to keep evolving.
  • Hence, in that pursuit, we keep launching new versions of QloApps.
  • So it is very important for hoteliers too that they keep their QloApps updated.
  • It gives you better security, stability, performance and new features. Moreover, it saves your time because you can update your website in a few clicks.

If you want to learn how to launch your free hotel website with the help of QloApps then Click here.

QloApps 1-Click Upgrade Features -

  • Update the version with a single click.
  • Pre-upgrade checklist to check the compatibility of upgrade.
  • Shows the current version and the version you are going to upgrade.
  • Option to upgrade to a major release or minor release.
  • Version comparison and changelog for the new version.
  • Rollback option to a saved backup.
  • Hoteliers can save multiple backups.
  • Hoteliers can create backup files, database, and images.

Workflow of QloApps 1-Click Upgrade -

The module has one configuration page, with all the listed features. Follow these steps to configure it on QloApps back-end:

  • Note: The website must be in maintenance mode in order to upgrade.
  • Welcome: Manually backup your files and database before starting any upgrade.
  • The Pre-Upgrade Checklist: In this view, the requisites are required to upgrade. Make sure this checklist is all green.
  • Start your Upgrade: Click on ‘Upgrade QloApps Now’ to upgrade.
  • Expert Mode: In this, you have to select your channel. You can select whether you want to update to major releases and minor releases.
  • Version Comparison: Here, you can see QloApps Original version and view the differences between the original version and the version you are upgrading.
  • Rollback: You can choose a backup saved and rollback to it.
  • Backup Options: From here, backup files, database and images.
  • Upgrade OptionsConfigure to select server performance, disable the non-native module during the upgrade, upgrade the default theme, switch to the default theme and keep the customized email template.

QloApps 1-Click Upgrade Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com


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