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QloApps Buy Button - QloApps Buy Button is an add-on that embeds clickable buttons on external websites or blogs. Clicking on it redirects customers to the hotel website. The visitors are directed to, either the room type page or the checkout page. The admin can choose the page where to direct visitors while configuring the module. Admin can customize the look of the module by configuring its details provided on the configuration page. Moreover, the admin can display the card along with the buy button, in which the image of the room will also be displayed.

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QloApps Buy Button Features -

  • Select the room type you want to display on blog posts or other external websites.
  • Customize the look and feel of the card and buy button.
  • Select the page of your website where you want to redirect visitors.
  • Admin can show the price of the room type on blog posts and other websites.
  • On the configuration page, view, edit, delete all the buy buttons added.
  • Highlight the specific room types of your hotel on your external sites, CMS, or blog.
  • Redirect visitors from external sites or blogs to your website to increase traffic.
  • Saves time and reduces the number of stages in the customer’s booking process to improve conversion rates.
  • Make your room types available on a variety of non-commercial websites.

Module Configuration -

  • Room type- Enter the room type name of your property to redirect customers and compel them to book it.
  • Page Redirect- From the dropdown, select the checkout page or room type page where you want to redirect guests.
  • Button type- Select card or button.
  • Card Padding Size- Set the card padding size.
  • Text Color- Set card text colour.
  • Card Background Colour-Set the background color of the card.
  • Card Border Color- Customize the border color of the card.
  • The Card Border Radius- Set the radius of the card border.
  • Border Size- Set card border size.
  • Show Price- Enable to show the price of the room type.
  • Buy Button Label- The label you want to display on the buy button.
  • Button text colour- Choose the text color of the buy button.
  • Button Background colour- Choose the background color of the button.
  • The button hover colour- Choose the hover colour, meaning when someone hover the cursor on the buy button what colour it shows.
  • Button border-radius- Choose button border-radius.
  • Width (px)- Select the width of the button.

Moreover, click on the generate button to generate a card and button or only button and save it.

Embed Button -

  • Admin can embed buttons anywhere as per their requirements and desires.
  • One can embed a button on an external website or blogs posted by them.
  • When the visitor clicks on it, he will be redirected to the room type page or checkout page of the hotel’s website and from there they can complete their booking process.

QloApps Buy Button Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

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