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Odoo Multichannel Bagisto Connector


Odoo Multichannel Bagisto ConnectorConnecting Bagisto Instances to Odoo!

Bagisto is an eCommerce ecosystem designed for all to build and scale your business. It's a free and open source eCommerce framework which offers you a wide range of functionality and lets you have total control of your store. However, to run an e-commerce efficiently you need to manage its data in an organized way.

However, to run e-commerce efficiently you need to manage its data in an organized way.

Whether you talk about inventory management or accounting; Odoo offers you the best solutions for it. 

If you want to manage your data in Odoo for centralized solutions and still using Bagisto to sell your products then you can make it possible with the help of Odoo Multichannel Bagisto Connector.

Multi-Channel Bagisto Odoo Bridge connects your Bagisto store to your Odoo so that you can know the real stats of your e-commerce. You can connect multiple stores of Bagisto to Odoo Via Bagisto Odoo Bridge Multichannel.

You can connect up to 3 stores with single Odoo Instance For Free. If you want to connect more than three stores with your Odoo instance then you can contact our support team.

Import Data From Bagisto to Odoo with following easy steps:

  • Enable for ‘All’ to import the particular object of all previous dates.
  • Import data on the basis of ‘Date Range’.
  • Configure ‘By ID’ to import selected data of a particular object.
  • Enable ‘Since ID’ Button to import data of particular object since mentioned time.

Prerequisites for using Odoo Multichannel Bagisto Connector Module

  • For Odoo online(SAAS) users, you first need to migrate to the Odoo.sh platform before installing Odoo Multichannel Bagisto Connector because Odoo restricts third-party software installations on Odoo online(SAAS).
  • Odoo Multichannel Bagisto Connector is a dependent module on Odoo Multi-Channel Sale Module. The latter acts as the framework module to provide the structure to integrate Bagisto with Odoo. The base module needs to be installed first for Odoo Multichannel Bagisto Connector to work properly.

 Odoo Multichannel Bagisto Connector Features

 Importing Orders in Odoo

  • Orders are manually imported in bulk or via cron scheduler
  • Order details (like customers and their addresses, taxes, delivery methods, payment methods, currency) are imported along with the orders
  • Order statuses (like cancel, fulfillment (shipment in Odoo) and invoice) are also imported along with the orders

Importing Products in Odoo

  • Products are manually imported in bulk
  • You can also import products via cron scheduler
  • Product details (like category, and properties like attributes, attribute values) are imported along with the products

Importing Collections in Odoo

  • You can manually import Collections in Odoo
  • Or, can also import it via cron scheduler

 Importing Customers in Odoo

  • Customers are manually imported in bulk
  • You can also import customers via cron scheduler
  • Customer details (like addresses) are imported along with the Customers

 Manually Export Products and Categories from Odoo

  • You can export products and categories in bulk
  • Or, export selected products and categories

 Manually Map Orders Statuses

  • You can manually map order statuses from Odoo end
  • Fill the corresponding Order status of Bagisto and Odoo in the Order Status table

 Real time Synchronization

  • You can sync order statuses, shipment (as delivery slip at Bagisto), invoice, cancel status and Inventory from Odoo to Bagisto in real-time.

 Enhanced Dynamic Dashboard

  • Introduced a dynamic dashboard to track the data of Bagisto to your Odoo.
  • Import/Export the data of Bagisto directly from the dashboard.
  • Well-designed Donut Chart and Line Graph to analyze the data.
  • The dashboard also offers Clickable tabs and data cards.

 Line Graph to Analyze the data

  • Drop down to Select the Data Type (Order, Product, Category and Customer)
  • Track the data the Line Graph

 Clickable Data Cards for the Details

  • View the imported Product, Category, Order and Customers in the Tabs
  • The tabs are clickable and direct you to the respective mapping, feeds as well as sync history.

 Donut Chart to Analyze the data

  • Drop down to Select the Data Type (Order and Product)
  • Track the data of connected Bagisto instance from the chart

 Managing Synchronization History

  • All the synchronization history is managed in Odoo

 Dedicated Support For Your Odoo Multichannel Bagisto Connector Module

Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for your Odoo Multichannel Bagisto Connector Module.

For any query or issue please CREATE A TICKET HERE

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