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Akeneo Notification Manager: The admin can use this module to create notifications for actions such as Product save and delete, as well as Family, Attribute, Group, Category, and Channel save and delete operations. The email notification will go to the assigned user and user group. In addition, the admin can assign roles and permissions to other users so that they can manage notifications.

For the Akeneo installation, your Akeneo server should meet the system requirements.

Highlighted Features

 Notifications Alert

When users save and delete product information, Akeneo Notification Manager sends an email to the selected user.

 Multiple Notification

Admins can generate several notifications for various actions such as saving products, deleting attributes, and so on.

 Message Customization

For each user and action, the admin can send a customized custom message.

 Action Types

The admin/user can create a total of twelve different actions for different users.

Why do we need the Akeneo Notification Manager module?

You can't merely rely on people coming in and changing the data if you have an Akeneo module that requires any form of user visit. You won't be able to stop them, thus the Akeneo Notification Manager module will assist you in displaying notifications, alerts, and other items in your mailbox. When a Product, Family, Attribute, Group, Category, or Channel is saved or deleted, Akeneo Notification Manager sends an email to the admin/user.

Manage Notification Permission

The Akeneo Notification Manager module allows the admin to create different user roles. In addition, the admin can allow different notification permissions to the users.

Therefore, users with certain permissions can create and delete notifications. The admin can manage the following permission

  • Menu
  • Create notification
  • delete notification
  • Status notification
  • Update notification

Email Notifications

Email from Akeneo Notification Manager Sends a customized email to your users notifying them of a product update.

Moreover, the admin and user can customize the mail template according to actions.

After that, email notifications are sent to users at the moment of action. The admin and the selected user can be notified when saving and deleting the following:

  • Product
  • Family
  • Attribute
  • Category
  • Channel

Create Multiple Notifications

Admin/user can use Akeneo Notification Manager to create multiple notifications for various actions, then messages can be sent accordingly. Different messages for different users, as well as multiple notifications for different actions, can be set up by the admin/user.

Likewise, you must provide the following information in these notifications:

  • Name
  • Actions
  • User Group
  • Users
  • Message

Akeneo 6.0.x Compatible

  • In Akeneo PIM Version 6, you can manage your multidimensional data [CE, EE].
  • Tailored Exports can help you advance your product exports [EE only].
  • Improve Your Productivity with a New Category Screen [CE, EE].
  • The System Menu in Akeneo PIM Version 6 has been completely redesigned. It's divided into two sections: System Navigation and User Management Navigation settings [CE, EE].
  • Navigate between your choice codes and their translations more simply, and manage your attribute options more effectively [CE, EE].
  • As your media collection expands, Akeneo PIM Version 6 can keep up by supporting up to ten million assets per asset family [EE only].
  • Users are now able to choose several assets from the same family at the same time in the Akeneo PIM user interface [EE only].
  • Because of an upgraded process tracker area, you can keep track of your tasks and jobs [CE, EE].


For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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