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WooCommerce WhatsApp Chat Plugin: WooCommerce WhatsApp live chat is an easy process to provide support over WhatsApp. The admin can create multiple support teams to provide support via WhatsApp. The customer can check this icon over the panel and choose any team from the displayed teams.

Once the team gets chosen, the customer will receive the welcome message from the admin end. This message was sent by the admin from his panel.

WooCommerce WhatsApp Live Chat manages the communication between store owners and customers. That builds the trust of the customer in the store that enhances the sales of the store.

You can also view the WooCommerce WhatsApp Chatbot plugin, which allows customers to get automated replies from the shopping bot assistant and directly place orders via the WhatsApp platform. Moreover, the customers receive order-related updates on WhatsApp.

Highlighted Features

  Create Multiple Teams

The store owner can create multiple teams to provide support.

  Message Template

The default initial customer message content can be set by the admin.

  Works on Both Web & Mobile

Customers can access WhatsApp chat over the phone or on the web both.

  Easy to Setup

The admin can configure WhatsApp in easy steps without any 3rd-party integration required.

Why Need WhatsApp Chat for WooCommerce?

We are living in a digital world where WhatsApp is a daily need. We use WhatsApp everywhere to connect with people and get notifications for services like food, bills, medicals, etc. Many companies provide this benefit to their customer to get information over WhatsApp.

So it's easy to get information over WhatsApp also the admin can provide that information quickly. WhatsApp Live chat helps admins to get connected with users to solve their queries. This will make the query resolution easy and time-saving.

Customize WhatsApp Chat Window

First, the store owner needs to quickly configure the WhatsApp chat plugin in the backend and then proceed to create chat support teams and add members.

  • Set the time zone for the chat.
  • Set the default welcome message for the customers.
  • Enter the heading for the chat panel window.
  • Set icon background colour.
  • Heading background and text colour.
  • Chat window background and text colour.
  • WhatsApp icon position - top, bottom, left, right, center.
  • Define chat support availability.

Add Multiple Support Members

The admin can create multiple members on WhatsApp to interact with customers.

  • The store owner will create members on WhatsApp with names, contact numbers, availability time, and country code.
  • The admin can check the list of the members on their panel.
  • Previously added members can be deleted and edited by the admin.
  • The admin can choose the team for the members.
  • Every support member handles customer queries with a separate WhatsApp account.

Create Multiple WhatsApp Support Teams

A team is a combination of different members, the admin can create multiple teams to help the customers. An organization can have multiple departments so the admin can create multiple teams according to the need- pre-sales inquiry, customer helpdesk, or technical support.

  • The admin needs to enter the name of the team.
  • One team will be assigned to each member.
  • A multiple number of teams can be created.
  • Customers can contact the right team member for their queries.
  • Multiple members can be added to a single team there is no restriction.

Display WhatsApp Chat Icon

The customer can log in to the store and they can see the WhatsApp icon on different pages.

  • Customers can tap on the icon and select the team.
  • The team will coordinate via WhatsApp regarding their query.
  • The customer can interact over the web WhatsApp or they can switch to the mobile Whatsapp.
  • The WhatsApp chat icon will be visible on the complete storefront.
  • Guest users and casual visitors can also use the WhatsApp chat plugin.


For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/ You may also check our top-quality WooCommerce Plugins.

based on 2 reviews
Zona De Riesgo
Posted On - January 21, 2023
They are a good company to trust
Thanks to Webkul's help, the client obtained the needed modifications of the plug-ins. The team delivered the project sooner than the client expected, and they were responsive to the client's inquiries.
Rhee Peter
Posted On - January 21, 2023
Most of their team members were friendly and tried to solve problems as much as possible
Webkul successfully completed and delivered the project. The team was responsive and quick to take action during the collaboration. Their friendly approach impressed the client throughout.
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