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With the help of this addon, it is now possible to create meta field definitions and products in Akeneo. Even more, this addon allows you to export the created them to your Shopify store. You can pin and unpin them with the help of this addon.

You can export meta field definitions, products, and variants into your Shopify store with this module.

This module is an add-on for Shopify Akeneo Connector, so you need to install Shopify Akeneo Connector first for the proper functioning of this module.

Highlighted Features

 Export Meta field Definitions

Using this addon you can export the meta field definition from Akeneo to Shopify.

 Export Meta field Product and Variants

You can export products and variants to Shopify using this module.

 Sync Multiple Stores

To export a meta fields definition from Akeneo to Shopify, you must use the credential feature. You can save multiple Shopify stores using this plugin.

 Pin/Unpin Metafields definitions

By pinning them in Akeneo, you may organize your Metafields in the Shopify admin.

Why do we need the Shopify Akeneo Meta field DefinitionAddon?

This add-on helps you to create multiple meta field definitions according to your requirement and export them to your Shopify store. Using this module you can pin and unpin the meta fields which you want to display on the top of the list of meta field definitions.

Add Meta Field Definition

With the help of this module, you can add values to specific products and variants, but first, you must create the meta field definition. For your product and variants, you can add multiple meta fields definitions. While adding them you need to add the values like:

  • Namespace and key
  • Akeneo Attribute
  • Content type
  • Description
  • validation rules and so on

Export Meta field definition

With the help of this Addon, you may export them from Akeneo to Shopify. As templates, meta fields define which parts of your store each meta field applies to as well as the possible values for each of them.

  • Separate export jobs for it. Meta field definition products and variants should have separate export jobs.
  • You can choose the store you wish to export the data to by selecting the credential.

Pining Metafiled

  • This Addon allows that meta field definition can be pinned by the admin and user, and then exported to Shopify.
  • On the Meta field definitions page for that part of your shop, pinning a definition displays it at the top of the list.
  • The corresponding pages in your Shopify admin will automatically display pinned fields.

Akeneo 7.0.x Compatible -

  • In Akeneo Version 7, SKU is no longer mandatory to create a product and now UUID is the new product identifier. (CE, EE).
  • Smoother mapping and faster importing. (CE, EE).
  • Tailored export can help to improve the readability of your product information export by defining rounding operations for measurement values. (EE)
  • In Akeneo Version 7, you can now map columns in your source data to additional attribute types. (EE)
  • Tailored imports help you to clean up your HTML Characters (EE).
  • Using Tailored imports, we can find and replace specific words in Text and Text Area Attributes. (EE).
  • Now we are creating a table attribute you can take advantage of measurement. (EE).
  • Now we can use reference entities as a column type in the table attribute(EE).


For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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